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Isolation day 15, alone but not lonely #pandemic

Yes, I’m on day 15 of my isolation but I’m not really lonely. I’m quite used to being alone now. I do like to wander around taking photographs, though. I’ll wander to the bottom of the garden later and photograph the dandelions! I’m alone, but not lonely. I’m also planning the next amendment of my grocery list for delivery on Monday. I have a nearly full freezer now and I’ve been trying to store protein foods. I now have to consider fruit, vegetables and drinks. I need more teabags!

alone but not lonely


I miss my little outings taking photographs but I suppose when this is all over I’ll appreciate them even more. I can try to become more aware of my surroundings in the meantime and photograph things around my home and garden. I’ve also decided to make my garden more attractive and so I’ll try to improve my lawn and plant the borders.

The future

I’ve been thinking about the future a lot. I spend a lot of time on social media and have not been very happy at how people comment just to undermine my position as an admin. During this pandemic when I’ve tried to share information and advice it has been particularly annoying. I’m going to do much less on the History of Wednesbury and I’ll get rid of some of the more annoying people. I’ll be less tolerant, other admins don’t put up with it. I’ll spend less time on it too, I have other interests.

Alone but not lonely

I’m quite happy with my own thoughts at the moment. I am alone but not lonely. I just keep adding to that shopping list! I’m better off than many other people because I saw this coming. I talked to my friends in China and they told me about their experiences. I have more than enough money to get through this too and might even invest a little before the stock market begins to recover.  There is a lot of uncertainty but there will be a recovery eventually. I can see some well-known companies disappearing but many companies will adjust.

The useful and the useless

We are seeing the difference between essential workers and the ones we can do without more clearly defined. There are people working in hospitals and there are people just talking. After the pandemic is over the more useful companies will survive while some that I would describe as useless will struggle to survive and may go under. Those companies selling over-priced clothing will struggle to stay in business. Even big names like Ikea might struggle as consumers concentrate on buying essentials.

We will all come out of this crisis a little more insecure.

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