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Isolation day 38 #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I’m on isolation day 38 and I’m not feeling too happy about it. I’m in total isolation and can’t even do my shopping. I have a delivery pass for Asda but all the slots are constantly sold out and I’m concerned for the future which seems very uncertain. We have a government which doesn’t seem to have a plan but just trots of sound bites.  These three part sound bites don’t help and after the “get Brexit done” fiasco, the latest “stay home” one is just irritating.

isolation day 38

Black and Asian

I’m using my photography to chronicle my enforced isolation and keeping busy but I want to know what the future holds. We know that older people are more vulnerable to this virus but so too are black and Asian people. Are they trying to find out why? I have heard of Asian people congregating at funerals. Is that a factor that has led to a high number of Asian deaths from Covid-19. Questions need to be asked. We also need to know if people from certain occupations are more likely to catch the virus. The government doesn’t seem to be asking pertinent questions and is just accepting that healthcare workers will contract the virus. They need to supply PPE and make sure it is worn properly and most importantly removed properly. I saw an ambulance man pull his face mask down and around his neck. It should have been removed and disposedof safely.

Isolation day 38

38 days in isolation is a long time and not good for mental health. Many elderly people are effectively living on food parcels and can’t choose what they eat. I’m a coeliac and need a special diet. Many other people will want a special diet because of health problems such as diabetes. We need to think more long term now and the supermarkets need to take on more staff and make more provision for home deliveries. The government also needs to enforce the social distancing properly with police and maybe even the army patrolling streets, open spaces and parks. There are still stupid people who think they are immune because they’re young and people still saying it is no worse than catching flu.


We need to be able to restart industry and industry needs to be asked if it can incorporate social distancing in a restart. The use of surgical masks might make that more likely. Surgical masks are fluid repellent and so will catch some of the larger virus laden droplets that might be in the air when people talk at close quarters. People in factories will find it difficult to maintain social distancing but with masks the risks might be minimised. If there are thousands of people in a factory observing social distancing and wearing masks they can at least be monitored and have their temperature checked at regular intervals and the success of such intervention measured.

Individual action

Many people are considering individual action because this lockdown can’t last forever. The government must take action or individuals will. I already see my neighbours ignoring the lockdown and welcoming visitors and I see over 70s still going shopping. The lockdown needs policing and over 70s need proper food deliveries. I shall probably be forced into taking some action that will put me at risk. I tend to go shopping at quiet times and have little close contact with people and I have both surgical masks I can wear and ffp2 masks. I’ll have to consider doing shopping when the infection rate is lower. I will also be able to have my photography outings. Contact with family and friends will be difficult. I’ll have to assess the risk at the time.

That’s all for today. Toda’s photo was taken in the garden and I have a similar photo to enter in this year’s Sandwell Trails art competition. I’ll be writing a post on Tuesday with more photography tips. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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