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Isolation day 51 #life

This is day 51 of my isolation and there is talk of the lockdown being eased. A lot of people have died and we are beginning to ask how many deaths could have been prevented. Certainly we need to ask if the deaths in care homes could have been prevented. I’m also concerned about the medical treatment that victims in care homes were given. It seems they weren’t given hospital care. I will have to come out of isolation eventually and will endeavour to minimise the risk. I’ve made it to day 51 and so I can continue in isolation for another 7 weeks if I need to.

day 51


I’ve been chronicling my experience in photographs, poems and collages. I now have a over 100 pictures in my folder. There have been events too that mark the passage of time. Today I’ll amend my order for a shopping delivery. Some things are out of stock and so I’ll have to try to find gluten-free substitutes. I’ve been sharing my photos on Facebook in a group and on Instagram. I’m also doing the 64 Million artists daily challenges throughout May. I’m keeping myself occupied!


Money is never far from my mind and my finances are quite good despite spending more on food. I haven’t bought any petrol since March! The recent quantitative easing by the bank of England gave the stock market a bit of a boost and so I had to take advantage of that! Watching the stock market is fascinating and I always hope one of my AIM share will take off and earn me some serious cash!

Art and photography

I’m using my photography to create a body of work to tell the story of my enforced isolation. I’m also looking at art supplies because I’m considering taking up painting. There are new art supplies available like water colour pens that I would like to try. I have a style in mind too and the brushes I need are available now. I’ve researched a suitable medium too.

The future

This epidemic is going to drag on and on, so I have to think about the future. I don’t mix that much and I’m very used to using a 300mm lens now. I can do my photography and stay well away from people. I mainly talk to family members so we can form a bubble group and avoid events for a while. They might never get a vaccine for the virus so we need to get the contagion rate lower and lower until we eradicate the virus in this country and then limit travel to and from the country. Will the government get serious about eradicating the virus or pin theirhopes on a vaccine that might never happen?

day 51

That’s all for today. I’ll be rambling tomorrow and sharing my thoughts with you as usual. If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided. You can also follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.  I made it to day 51 alone, I can keep on going!

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