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Isolation photography ideas #photography

I have started going out again to take photos but I’m still isolated from other people. Over a quarter of a million people have now tested positive for the virus with many of us isolating ourselves from it. I’ve seen on the news how idiots are ignoring social distancing and going to protests and queuing for Ikea so they are the ones spreading the virus. I’m going to keep avoiding the idiots. My isolation photography ideas don’t include catching the virus!

isolation photography ideas

Home and garden

I’m still recording my isolation in pictures and taking photos around my home and garden. That includes photographing my meals. My D750 has been returned after my accident that damaged it and it’s working like new. I noticed on the above picture that the depth of field was a little too shallow which happens with a wide-aperture when you zoom in. Not only does the background go out of focus but the foreground too. That can happen with portraits. The image can look great until you notice the person’s ears are a little blurred. If the depth of field is too shallow just go a little bit narrower.

Isolation photography ideas

My isolation photography ideas are to photograph everything and anything that is around you. I’ve photographed garden birds, my meals, plants in the garden, weeds and even odd things like chimneys! Most of my shots were on aperture priority with a wide aperture but you can get interesting shots with the camera on your phone. I’ve just taken delivery of some watercolour paints and brushes and so I’ll be taking photos with the idea of painting watercolours from the photos. I think that might mean taking photos with less detail in them.

isolation photography ideas


I don’t usually bother with sunsets but this one was after the storm and so a little more interesting. It is a picture that might make a watercolour painting, for a beginner. I’m definitely a beginner at painting. It will probably turn out to be a surreal impressionist piece! I took the photo out of a bedroom window and did the editing in Windows Live Gallery and in PhotoScape.


I try not to do too much editing but you can level images and correct the exposure if it’s a little underexposed which my images often are. Images have their own narrative, they tell a story and that is what photographic art is all about. I add to the story by adding a title, just a few words to add to the message.


That’s a few isolation photography ideas for you, if like me, you have to avoid people altogether. I can go out now so I will start doing some street photography and landscapes. It will be difficult wherever I go trying to avoid contact with people.

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