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It can’t get any worse #finance

I have seen some upward movement this week on the stock market at the less popular end. Have investors just accepted that Brexit just can’t get any worse? It has wiped billions off the value of companies listed on the stock market. While some gained when the value of the pound was slashed, the smaller companies lost value and have struggled to raise capital. I don’t think it can get any worse, confidence is at an all-time low. Even a no-deal Brexit would at least provide a little certainty.

get any worse

Can’t get any worse?

From the moment David Cameron started negotiations with Brussels things have gone from bad to worse. One important issue has been missing from negotiations from day one. The principle of subsidiarity as defined by the Maastricht Treaty was the issue that should have been discussed. If it had been fully implemented and Brussels was seen as a subsidiary to national parliaments then the Brexiteers might have been happy.  Instead, we have had a nationalist movement growing stronger and taking on a global presence. It can’t get any worse politically, can it?

Reducing risk

I’ve been reducing risk but I also see some bargains to be had on the stock market. There are companies to steer clear of who made the most of the falling pound. I admit I will need quite a lot of luck now to recover my stock market investments. I hope Solo Oil’s strategy of concentrating its investment in Tanzania will come good. Once the gas is flowing in Tanzania again they will at least have an income stream and cover their overheads. I think it is unlikely they will be able to raise more money from investors. Their strategy appears to be a sensible one.  Disposing of the Isle of Wight assets should give them more capital to invest in exploiting gas reserves in Tanzania. It is still a high-risk company but even established companies like Lloyd’s Banking Group seem high risk at the moment. I can see Lloyd’s strategy of improving online banking as a good one too. I also think they should explore sharing their premises with other banks and operating banking halls at major shopping centres.

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