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It is a grey day #ramble #photography

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll allow you into my innermost thoughts. What’s on my mind this week? Well, mainly photography because I’m off to West Bromwich Manor House this morning to take some pictures. It is a grey day but I’ll make the most of it.

grey day


My thoughts are also concerned with parking. I can’t walk far before my leg starts to hurt so I need to park closer than I usually do. I have an appointment with a surgeon next week and I am not looking forward to that but at least he or she might help me solve my mobility problem.

Brexiteer fanatics

I am getting a bit sick of the Brexiteer fanatics with their flag-waving hysteria. If we leave the EU nothing very much will change. People won’t be able to claim certain rights under EU law or appeal to the European Court of Justice and maybe the price of imported tomatoes will go up. It is in the long-term that we will notice a difference as cooperation between our scientists and the ones in the EU comes to an end and we are left behind in the technology race. We could end up as a backward ignorant race clinging to the past. Maybe it’s already too late! I blame Trump with his America first rhetoric. We shall soon hear a Britain first cry from the knuckle draggers who will blame foreigners for everything. Maybe I can shout Vive La France to wind them up?

A grey day

On a grey day like this, I set the white balance on my camera to ‘cloudy’. I set it on fluorescent earlier in the week and then forgot to set it the next time I took photos. It’s a new camera, I need a new routine so I don’t miss a setting. I’m slowly preparing for today’s photo shoot by charging batteries and considering what I will actually be photographing. I have photographed the Manor House before but today I hope to get better images. I always strive to do better. Actually, this grey day is brightening up and it’s not even nine o’clock. I can see the cloud getting whiter and the sun beginning to break through.


It can be depressing on a grey day but as it brightens up it lifts your mood. That could be the caffeine, though, I do need at least two cups of tea to get me going. We synthesise vitamin D when it’s sunny too. I just start the day with a calcium and D3 tablet.

I think I’ll just finish with some pictures and try to get myself ready to go out. If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links to the latest posts on my Facebook page.

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