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Its not the end of the world #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I write about whatever is on my mind. Today, it’s the eclipse and the ‘blood red’ moon we have to look forward to tomorrow. I think I might have to sit in the garden for a couple of hours to get my photographs. It will be a bit chilly. What shall I wear?

Prophets of Doom

The prophets of doom are predicting it will be the end of the world. Well a blood red moon has to mean something, they don’t happen every day do they? I think I’ll check my horoscope.


My horoscope says I need to think positive and the weather forecast says there could be a little cloud tonight. That’s about as good as I could expect. I might dress for the occasion; thermal underwear might be called for.

This is a moment in history and as I am admin of the local history page on Facebook, so I think I should make an effort to record it. You can’t trust photos these days can you? We have all seen the photos of models where every wrinkle has been photo-shopped out to produce a plastic carbon copy with all character and personality erased. I do edit a bit, but I like to see the laughter lines and the expressions that convey emotion. I will edit the photos of the moon to make it bigger and zoom in so you can see all the little craters. That’s enhancing its features, not erasing them, though.

Jeremy Corbyn

I watched a speech by Jeremy Corbyn, he’s an idealist, which is worrying to someone like me who tends to be pragmatic. But we need ideals, impossible ideals that we can at least aim for. In an ideal world, we are all nice to each other and all get along. There are no nasty bosses or doctors who are rude to patients. Who would you prefer to have as you boss?  Cameron or Corbyn? Who would you prefer as your doctor? Osborne with his evil smile or Corbyn with his NHS idealism? I can imagine George Gideon in an NHS hospital playing with the really big hypodermic needles and wanting to try it. I think he needs a whiff of laughing gas to help him lighten up.  Jeremy Corbyn believes there are people who don’t want us educated and understanding what the government and their friends the bankers do. There is a lot of truth in that. They pass their wealth down to their children and education is an important source of wealth.


I remember the computer game Doom, it was very computer resource hungry. There was also a similar 3D game called Wolfenstein where you went around a castle shooting the bad guys. Those games all disappeared and they can only be played on games consoles now. Computers became less multipurpose and all the games producers decided to stop producing even simple games like Tetris for computers. There are lots of Zynga games online to annoy us and try to extract money from us. That’s the brave new world where no one does anything unless there is money in it. We are becoming a society of ambulance chasers. Maybe Jeremy Corbyn is right and we should be collectively looking after each other rather than having insurance that only looks after us and ours. It’s not easy persuading people to work out of an altruistic belief in doing what’s right, rather than doing what makes the most money.


I’m always looking for new things to photograph, hence my enthusiasm for this blood moon.  I think there might be a charity event next month for Halloween. That might be good to photograph if people come in fancy dress. It isn’t an easy one to photograph though, black doesn’t really reflect much light.

I have to think of somewhere to go today. I can’t let today’s sunshine go to waste. We are getting very warm light at times now which is ideal for landscape photography, so I’ll be out somewhere this afternoon.

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