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January blues go away #Wednesbury

There seems to be a distinct lack of enthusiasm now that Christmas and New Year is over. We seem to have the January blues. However, underneath this apparent dearth of vitality lies an undercurrent of plans for the future. What will be happening in Wednesbury in 2017, we ask ourselves. I see signs of activity at the library and we have still to hear if the BIDS scheme will go ahead. Will the car boot be back this month? Will brave souls brave the freezing weather to make some cash to pay for their Christmas extravagance? If we plan anything outside the weather could spoil it. There are events, in the town hall booked through this year and they have some good nights as well as afternoon shows. There is a Frankie Valli tribute this month. There are lots of little shows at the pubs around the town too.

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January Snow

We had snow in January last year and a bit of bad weather could make this a quiet January. I’m not keen on scraping and de-icing the car in the evening for an evening out. Most people feel like hibernating in January and waking up around April!

There isn’t much news this week to report about Wednesbury except for a garage fire in Vicarage road, expertly extinguished by the fire service. I suppose we should be grateful it wasn’t more serious. Wednesbury can be a boring place at times, but we are disaster free, so things are good. We just need a few more events to keep people in the town shopping rather than shopping out-of-town. Perhaps we could make more use of public holidays like May Day and Easter to organise events in our town square and town hall?

Let’s have some pictures of the beautiful Black Country…

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