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January on a budget #thrifty

You can buy things with money, but it also has other uses. Money to some people is power and to others it’s security. They feel secure in the knowledge that they can afford to  enjoy Christmas and still have some money in January. We all tend to feel a little more secure  with money in the bank.

Save money

If we’re thrifty and save a little here and a little there, we can accumulate savings for when there is a crisis and we need to replace the car or pay for private health care. Thrifty is about looking around for value and avoiding spending money on useless things. Buying goods on a credit card can give you extra legal protection but not paying the card off means paying interest. Paying interest might mean you get the goods sooner, but that’s all you get. Paying interest on credit cards, store cards and loans, simply means you waste money. You can’t wait half your life to buy a home so getting a mortgage is different because houses do go up in value. Houses are appreciating at a higher rate than mortgage interest rates, so a mortgage is a good deal.


The budget supermarkets are still outperforming the big four, not only on price but on service and staff training.


Aldi pays its staff more than Tesco and doesn’t show off with superstores. Showing off can be very expensive.

If you like a salad even in winter, then the Aldi super-six are worth looking at this week. The Aldi super-six includes iceberg lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, beetroot (500g), salad tomatoes (6) and celery. They are all 39p each. That offer ends on the 13th of January.

I might make me a nice stew today. I have some onions and parsnips.

The special buys at Aldi today are all to do with cooking. The air fryer looks good. I have a Philips air fryer and can cook frozen chips in about 10 minutes. I bought some French fries from Aldi this week for 75p for a 1Kg bag. They cook really well in an air fryer.  They have canister sets too. I need new canisters for tea, sugar and coffee, so I’ll look at those.

There is Lemsip Max strength too. The main active ingredient is paracetamol. I think normal paracetamol capsules would be nearly as good. The Lemsip tablets contain phenylephrine hydrochloride, which shrinks swollen blood vessels in the nose and acts as a nasal decongestant. It will help you breathe a little easier. There is also caffeine in these Lemsip pills. I think a nice cup of tea and a couple of cheap paracetamol might be just as good.

The Sunday special buys are work-wear and tools. They are worth looking at if you need hard wearing clothing or boots for work.


I had a look at Matalan too because I have a Matalan card and their app on my phone. I didn’t see anything I needed, so won’t be visiting the store anytime soon. Being thrifty is about thinking what you need rather than impulse buying just because something looks nice. I need a new mop, an egg cup and some canisters for tea, sugar and coffee. I have plenty of time to look around, even if eating a boiled egg with no egg cup is a bit challenging…


I looked at the offers at Tesco. I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t impressed by their gluten-free Christmas advertising. Yeah, we know turkey’s are gluten free, but do you have gluten free sausages as good as the ones in Aldi and how much are they? I had a few packs from Aldi this week, 1.75 a pack and they’re delicious hot or cold. Tesco needs to retrain staff, check what stock actually sells and sack their advertising agency.

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