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Keep an eye on your exposure #photography

Now winter is here we often have dark skies and the poor light makes taking a photo more difficult. If you just point and shoot with your camera on auto then you’re likely to get blurred photos. A DSLR gives you more control over the camera and you can make the camera’s sensor more sensitive to light when the sky is cloudy.


White balance

The grey sky will also affect colour and you can correct that by setting your white balance on cloudy to compensate. This makes a difference and makes the snow in a snow scene whiter.

Shutter speed

A fast shutter speed will eliminate camera movement and shake. The faster the shutter speed the less light reaches the sensor so there needs to be a balance between, the shutter speed and the aperture and thirdly the ISO. On  DSLR you have a light meter that shows as a bar that is either positive, meaning overexposed or negative for underexposed. On manual, you can set a narrow aperture for a landscape shot and a fast shutter speed then adjust your ISO to get the exposure central between positive and negative. A very high ISO might introduce some noise.

Keep an eye on your exposure

If you shoot on manual, you have to keep an eye on your exposure all the time. On aperture priority, you can set the aperture and let the camera set the shutter speed but the shutter speed can be too slow sometimes. My camera limits the shutter speed to 1/60 of a second on aperture priority when I’m using a flash but I can shoot at 1/200 of a second on manual. Camera shake gets amplified when you zoom in too. I recently took a few shots of the full moon at 300mm and it was really hard to keep the camera still. Shooting at 1/200 of a second eliminates the blur caused by that movement. This might all sound very technical but you get used to doing the settings. It’s like driving a car, it takes time to learn but then becomes second nature.

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