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On a Sunday I just write whatever comes into my head for my WordPress blog and then try to write something more considered for a zillion ideas. My ramblings on WordPress seem very popular though and so why do lots of research when I don’t need too? The simple answers are often the best in life. We can sometimes look for answers that are too complicated.

Thinking simplistically can be a mistake too. The government is using simple ideas to try to solve the economic problems in the UK.  We need to produce more and we won’t do that with government cuts. The main problem is the cost of importing essentials like oil and gas. The other problem is hoarding, the commodities are traded and hoarded in times of scarcity. Money too is being hoarded by the super-rich. Some companies have more money than they know what to do with. The Bank of England with it’s quantitative easing programme has printed 375 billion pounds. it didn’t create jobs and it didn’t create wealth for the many. The government should have invested it in housing.


Some young people are virtually unemployable, they lack education and skills. Many people have education and skills they are not using, because they have retired. They would probably volunteer to help young people to learn and not be as judgemental as Job-centre staff or the dreaded Atos Healthcare people. Many voluntary roles now are in centralised locations as the never ending quest for centralisation moves services away from the people. Then there is all the health and safety, ‘issues’. Many elderly people have common sense, they don’t need to learn these basic skills from some kid just out of school or university. These smart-arse kids don’t want advice from older more experienced people, they want our ‘input’; that their politically correct little minds will then ignore. Knowledge and skills are  passed down from one generation to the next, each generation adding new knowledge. University professors teaching business studies might know the subject in theory, but the retired business man or women has been there and done that!


HS1 the London to Folkstone high speed rail line to the channel tunnel is said to be a great engineering success.  It is however, in debt to the tune of 4.8 billions and that debt could rise to over 10 billions. So what do they want to do now? Yes, build another one from London to Birmingham – sound a fanfare for HS2! We know how to build houses, without it making a huge loss. We need new houses. Let’s build bloody houses. We don’t really need a tunnel across to France for the day trippers fetching cheap booze. Why would we want HS2? Are the London crowd going to have days out to Birmingham to buy Baltis?


There is a debt culture in the Western world. Governments borrow, businesses borrow, the middle classes have credit cards and loans and  the most vulnerable have to resort to pay day loans. Who do they all owe money to? The Chinese government has been printing money because their economy is slowing down, so I don’t think the world  owes them all this money. There are people who are super-rich and they don’t pay their fair share of taxes. They make their money from the poor and the middle classes, but they have become too greedy and so even they are suffering because of their own avarice. We need to change the debt culture into a culture of honesty and integrity.

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