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Keeping up appearances #finance

I was once told that owning an iPhone was a good status symbol. It turned out that it didn’t work out in practice. Some status symbols can work, though. Shakespeare wrote “the apparel doth oft proclaim the man”, (Hamlet) and wearing certain clothes can help us interact with others. Clothing that gives us a professional appearance will command more respect and often wearing professional clothing does help people feel more professional. The surgeon in his or her surgical clothes will command the utmost respect. Other status symbols like fast cars, block-paved driveways and designer jeans have little effect but people still spend huge amounts of money keeping up appearances.

 keeping up appearances

Keeping up appearances

The keeping up appearances phenomenon is probably the biggest cause of debt in Britain today. Narrowing down what does work and enhances your interaction with others might save you a lot of money. If clothes maketh the man, as the saying goes, what should we be wearing? The answer is obvious. Professional people should look professional, a nurse should look like a nurse and a decorator like a decorator. These are uniforms that instil confidence.

Status symbols

The era of the iPhone as a status symbol has effectively come to an end. People eventually wise up. The profits of Apple Corp have taken a hit in the past year as people have turned to other brands. The profit warning from Apple also hit other luxury brands like Burberry and the fall out continues to make people think and make people question. People in developed countries are worried about things like Brexit that could affect their future incomes, so they are downgrading their expectations.  Brands like LG are now more popular and to be quite honest they are a match for the iPhone. Chinese brands are also coming out of the shadows and are becoming popular in the West as well as in China.


People are becoming less worried about what their friends might think. Honesty is the new attribute that can have you respected by your friends. The honesty to admit certain failings for example. You no longer have to put on a brave face at work, you can admit to feeling down or even to more embarrassing problems. There is still a stigma attached to having a mental health problem like depression or anxiety but more people are admitting to these problems.  So it has become less of a stigma and is now more widely recognised as quite common. The language that is being used to describe such problems is also slowly changing. People are now respected if they are brave enough to admit that stress is getting to them and that they need a break. Honesty about one’s feelings and emotions has become fashionable. This contrasts with the notion that we must always be keeping up appearances and pretending that everything is fine. Being honest with yourself about your anxieties can save you a lot of money and help you avoid debt!

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I’ll end with a few pictures, just for appearance’s sake!

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