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A kind word costs nothing #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and I’m still doing the #64millionartists challenge. Today I have to up-cycle something from the recycling. I have some Christmas cards that haven’t quite made it to the recycling bin yet. Maybe I could do something with those. In the past, I have made all sorts of things from rubbish. Anyway, a kind word costs nothing so please try to understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

kind word costs nothing

A kind word costs nothing

I criticised politicians this morning in my ‘good morning’ post on the ‘History of Wednesbury’ Facebook page. The post was meant to encourage cohesion in the community not conflict but not everyone understood. I do have a little influence, though, because the page has 8,000 followers. They follow not because of some political affiliation but because it is about history, heritage and community. People with rigid political views don’t like me even touching on anything political if it doesn’t align with their idealism. I’m pragmatic and as such, I vote for the best person and best policies. The pragmatists are the people who make democracy work. We decide elections, not the dyed in the wool Tories or the dyed in the wool socialists. Their allegiance is decided before the election is even called and is often a matter of birth and social class. Anyway, regardless of your politics, a kind word costs nothing. We can all try to be better people, kinder people.


I have had politics on my mind a little lately. This Brexit nonsense has trashed the stock market with many investors measuring their losses this year. I am keeping my mouth shut regarding local politics but I do hear rumours and become aware of the intrigue. I shall stay silent and observe. The divisions aren’t just between the parties and having talked to people, I think there is a lot of scheming going on that could cause a few upsets. Many involved in local politics also need to realise that a kind word costs nothing. It can be a mistake to be too adversarial.

Sunday lunch

I’m going to cook lunch early today and have an afternoon out taking photos. Where will go? That is the question. I think I want photos to add to my photos of Sandwell, with the photography festival coming up. I want to add to my collection of photos. Someone once said that only 1 in 30 of the photos we take tends to be acceptable to us. There is some truth in that. I’ll try to think about my shots more today and try to get that down to 1 in 20! I want to photograph something I haven’t photographed before but what could that be?

Today’s picture is one of the images that I had printed as an art card. That little project was a success even though it hasn’t yet made a profit. I might even have more cards printed this year. I won’t get a suitable picture today but you never know. I need the exercise so I’ll think of somewhere where I can do a bit of walking. It is a poor light today but a nice diffused light so I could get quite good pictures. Now, where will I find people wandering around who might be willing to have their photograph taken?

That’s all for today’s Sunday ramble. If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest post. There are also links on my Facebook page.

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