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Lacking leadership? #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so what’s on my mind this week? Well, imagine for a moment that you’re lost in the forest. What would you do? You would probably look at the position of the sun and that sort of thing to get your bearings. If you were with a group of people you would probably ask if anyone knew the way out. You would look for a leader because a group lacking leadership just wanders around aimlessly. I’m not a fan of the Tories but Theresa May does have leadership qualities.

lacking leadership

European Union

That is the problem with the European Union, it lacks leadership. Many people think Angela Merkel is the leader. So who is the leader supposed to be? I’ll ask Wikipedia:

President of the European Union (or President of Europe) does not exist. Nevertheless, the term is often misused to mean any of: President of the European Council (since 1 December 2014, Donald Tusk) President of the European Commission (since 1 November 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker).

That’s like having two people leading us out of the forest. The EU lacks leadership or at least it is lacking leadership that is effective.

Being talked about

Yes, we are all talked about. That is effectively our reputation and it can be good or it can be bad. Some people have more influence than others and so pick your friends and associates carefully. We should follow leaders who are looking for a way out of the forest, not the ones who are negative and see no way out. If we have a good reputation people might even allow us to lead them out of the forest!

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been chosen by the American people as their leader but does he have leadership qualities? That is a question many people are asking. He is surrounding himself with his friends but he is distrusted by investors, corporations like Google and by the academic establishment. I get a distinct impression that he isn’t too smart, either. Banning people entering America from certain Arab countries? That wasn’t smart. I would have simply introduced a visa system and refused anyone, from any nation a visa, who sounded a bit dodgy. Simple! You have to be smart to be a leader and America is now lacking leadership because President Trump isn’t too smart. He does have a smartphone, though. Tweet tweet…

Lacking leadership

Any group lacking leadership will flounder. Joint decision-making is fine but the committee needs a chair to lead the discussion. The classroom needs a teacher and a scout troop needs a leader to lead them out of the forest. When a group divides follow the smart leader who has a good track record.

That’s it for this week. We are living in a world that is lacking leadership and so floundering a little. We are wandering around the forest looking for a well-worn path…

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