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Last minute Christmas presents #thrifty

We know a few people will be looking around for last minute presents before the big day. A little luxury can be a good idea, so buy them something they would like but wouldn’t normally buy. I bought luxury chocolates in Aldi yesterday. I won’t say who they were for! They make a good last minute present and you don’t have to buy a huge box. The same applies to a quality scotch whisky or an unusual but quality ale.

last minute Christmas bargains

Christmas illusions

We know magic isn’t real, it’s all tricks and illusions and we create the illusions each year that makes Christmas special. Should we tell our kids the truth, that Santa isn’t real or should we help them understand that there are lots of metaphors in life? They need to understand that a stock market crash doesn’t really crash and that the snow in the picture above isn’t real but like the pictures in their magazines it is a Photoshop illusion. You can create your own illusion with a fancy gift bag from Poundland and a bit of ribbon that will make a gift bought on a budget look expensive.

Last minute shop

The last minute shop can be horrendous because of the crowds queuing at the tills but wandering around the smaller shops before they close on Christmas Eve can be a pleasant experience when people are in a more Christmassy mood. You might even get a discount if you smile and say Merry Christmas as you shop. Unrushed window shopping might inspire you and help you decide on a last minute present too. Think about the person and what they like. Someone with a home that is filled with ornamental decoration might like something for the home. Become more aware of what you’re looking at as you shop and try to think out of the box. Children often ignore their toys and play with the box! They love adult things like mobile phones. I have a LED lantern I bought for 1.50 from Aldi and kids think that is a great toy to play with. My glove puppet is quite popular too!


There will be some markets on Christmas Eve which might be worth wandering around when you’re looking for last-minute bargains. My local market is even offering free parking to attract shoppers. You can pick up your fresh fruit and veggies for Christmas too. Many shops will be closed for three days but watch out for those opening on Tuesday and offering bargains.

Post-Christmas bargains

There will be lots of bargains around on Tuesday and the rest of the week in selected shops and some shops will even have Boxing Day sales on Monday. Even Amazon is doing an online Boxing Day sale but don’t get carried away, compare prices as usual. Big stores like Boots will have sales too and again shop for something you really need and look for value. Watch out for Christmas cards for next year and other Christmas related items. The luxury Christmas crackers might be a bargain after Christmas and can be stored for Christmas 2017!

I have all my Christmas shopping so I can relax now and I shall be writing my blog all through Christmas with lots of photos from the archive. If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also links on my Facebook page.

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