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The last post of 2016 #blogging

Another year of blogging draws to a close and I write the last post. It was an interesting year as I developed a role as a community writer and photographer. More photographer than writer. Maybe people will need my writing skills more in 2017 and if I’m lucky my art might be appreciated more. As 2016 ends I am framing photos and people actually want to buy them!

last post of 2016

Framed prints

I hope to start selling the framed prints soon and then I can get some of my money back that I’ve spent on printing and frames. Later, I will decide on a good cause to give the profits to. I’m one of the admins of the History of Wednesbury on Facebook and people want prints of the orphan pictures we use for that page. That isn’t so easy because they are poor quality but I will try to improve the quality and make some prints available.

An eclectic blog

My blog is quite eclectic, the ideas come from a wide range of sources and I try to bring you something different. On Tuesdays, I try to give you photography ideas and explain my thinking on the subject. On Wednesdays, I write about the town I live in, as I have become more focused on doing something for the community. Thursday is a thrifty day for money-saving ideas and the money saved is invested for a more secure future. Friday posts look at investing ideas, everything from peer-to-peer to stock market ideas for the small investor. On Saturday, I tend to try to write humour or satire or I just have a day off. Sunday is the day I enjoy writing more as I share my thoughts, whatever they may be. I just ramble on a Sunday and they can be some of my best and worst posts.


I will begin 2017 with the 5 year anniversary of A Zillion Ideas. I have bought web space for another 5 years of esoteric blogging. Yes, few people understand why  I write and take photographs. It has to do with self-esteem, self-respect and values. I’ve got quite a portfolio of posts and pictures and although this will be the last post of 2016, it won’t be the last post from A Zillion Ideas!

The last post

There are some bloggers that will understand what I’m thinking now and there are people who will have ‘no idea’. Bloggers will know that the last sentence of the previous paragraph was a master stroke and the H2 heading of this paragraph could be important. They will know that SEO is important, as is editing, grammar and spelling. Blogging is easy until you want the respect that comes out of being professional about it. I can write this last post of 2016 in the knowledge that it will be up to a high standard.


Whatever you write, the conclusion is the most important paragraph. It is the beginning of the end! The next step in blogging is editing and proofreading the post. I write locally so have to upload to a Zillion Ideas and then add the ‘more’ tag and proofread. If these blogging terms are mumbo-jumbo to you, then you haven’t taken it seriously or you’re not a blogger. Like anything else, it is a skill and it takes time and determination to learn it. If you would like to try blogging, why not write for A Zillion Ideas? If you would like to subscribe to this blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more ideas on my Facebook page. Happy New Year and may 2017 bring you much happiness.

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