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Lazy days of a Black Country summer

Narrowboat trader at Waterside Place, Walsall

If you read yesterday’s post you’ll know I was at Waterside Place in Walsall on Sunday taking photos of the narrow-boats. Those traders will be at the floating market in Birmingham on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


That’s taking place on the 27 – 29 June along the towpath near the National Indoor Arena, the three day event is expected to be real hub of activity with 24 trade boats selling everything from books, cheeses, handicraft, fashion and a whole variety of food.

Black Country Festival

It’s normal to spend money at a market, but you don’t have to. You can wander around taking photos like I do. I think the weather could be changeable at the weekend; but isn’t it always? The weather is improving and the Black Country Festival is fast approaching. I said Black Country Day would last a fortnight and it seems the festival is designated to last from the 1st of July to the 14th. Darlo will have it’s Party in the Park on the 11th, 12th and 13th with most of it on the Saturday. On Saturday the 12th we will have the carnival in Wednesbury. I hope to pop up to Darlaston before midday and then be at the carnival for the opening at 12. There will be lots to do across the Black Country in the first 2 weeks of July, so watch out for more events. There is an event at West Bromwich Manor House and something at the Oak House. Details on Sandwell Museums Facebook Page.

In the garden

When I’m not out taking photos or writing, I potter around in the garden. Most people have weeds to pull and lawns to mow. It’s barbecue weather too, well as close as we get in the UK. It was the longest day last Friday and so now the days will get shorter until September. We have to enjoy the lighter nights and warm weather while we can. I’m growing tomatoes now! The plants aren’t very big yet, but they will grow quickly. My runner beans are up to the top of the canes and I have flowers. There is something very therapeutic about picking runner beans in summer in the knowledge that you have grown them yourself. It’s really good to pick the vegetables for your Sunday lunch and fresh herbs from the garden make it even more special. I’m even growing potatoes this year….

Local Nature reserves

local nature reserves offer an escape from the rat race too. On Sunday after we had photographed the narrow-boats we went to a couple of LNR’s. The first one wasn’t very good, but the bridle path around Sandwell Valley Country Park is always nice. There is also the river and a lake that ‘balances’ the river. There are lots of rivers in England to see, canals and reservoirs are good too. There is wild life to see everywhere. If travelling is a problem, check out your local park.


Lots of pubs in the Black Country have nice pub gardens and will be doing something special for the Black Country Festival, so listen out for those.

School Hols

After the festival there will be the school holidays and lots more events for children all through the summer break.

Enjoy your summer and watch out for more summer ideas here. You can follow this site by putting you email address in the space provided in the sidebar. You can also follow me on twitter for updates. Please comment if you know a place to enjoy summer that I’ve missed…

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