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I usually post a guest blog on a zillion ideas and write a blog for my WordPress blog on a Sunday. This week I have to write two blogs and later I hope to visit the art gallery in the picture. They have a Damien Hirst exhibition. I am going to see the suspended sheep preserved in formaldehyde. They hope to spend a quarter of a million soon trying to attract the Turner prize to the gallery.

I am interested in art, I do my Neodigital Art blog once a week, but I question the amounts of public money that is spent on art. Who decides what is worth millions and what isn’t? Does a Ph.D in art really qualify them to judge what is aesthetic enough for us mere mortals to view?

This week the Prime Minister announced money for the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. It was nearly as much as my local hospital cost to build. There does seem to be a post code lottery when it comes to health.

Money isn’t wealth it’s a unit of exchange. In this technological age it doesn’t have to be paper money, it can be bits on a computer. The government can print more money at the press of a computer key and has done so. Three hundred and seventy-five billion pounds, enough to run the health service for three years. Where has it all gone? We are told that the City of London, that bastion of financial trading, is doing rather well. The money changers always do. They are getting bonuses and high pay in the city, enjoying the champagne lifestyle and getting high on coke (with a small c) at the expense the many struggling on minimum wage or benefits. Meanwhile, the taxes of ordinary people go to build ‘iconic’ art galleries, buy Damien Hirst art works and the rich get richer. No wonder ordinary people  turn to pay-day loans at the end of the month.

David Cameron has a new Twitter account @David_Cameron and has already built up over 67,000 followers. He is following a few of his lackeys, four of them so far. You didn’t expect him to follow back did you? He is not interested in what you sheep have to say. You follow him, he is a leader. You are a brain washed sheep. It could be worse, you could be hanging in Walsall Art gallery soaked in formaldehyde…

It’s been over seven months since I started this website. Some people compare it with ones where they have fifty staff, technical support, lots of writers and advertising. I am lucky to get a guest writer. I really would like technical support, a WordPress expert or better still a PHP programmer, to make the site better. Some of the bigger sites like Facebook started out with a group of friends working together. Then one of them grabs it all for himself and a phenomenon is born. I don’t particularly need to become a billionaire, but it would be nice to make this website worth a million.  The way thing are going I might need it. If you would like to help, you can publicise the site by sharing on LinkedIn or Facebook. There is also a Facebook ‘like’ button. It’s also interactive, I answer all the comments. Wouldn’t it be great if a British website did well!

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