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There is a General Election in the UK next month and the discussions about government policy all revolve around money and what we can afford. However, ordinary people; the man in the street, is concerned about quality of life. If you don’t have a job or have problems that leave you short of money, then it’s a problem. Politicians seem to have too much money and greed makes them obsessed with it.

We can enjoy living in a nice place that isn’t blighted by bad planning and eyesores like graffiti and litter. We want to enjoy country walks even if it’s only a walk around a Victorian park. We want markets and steam trains to give a place atmosphere. We want Tudor buildings and parades on important days. We want modern hospitals and a say in how they are run.

We seem to like things to change slowly, to evolve with no sudden moves. Most people aspire not to wealth, but to a quiet life and a relaxing stress free way of life. On television we have programmes about great railway journeys or an idyllic canal journey through the English Countryside. People reminisce about English seaside towns with their summer ice cream, seaside rock and end of pier shows.

The younger people want rock festivals, but as we get older we’ve been there, done that and recycled the tee shirt. We want a quiet life with less stresses and strains. We want a life that will put less strain on our health, so we can enjoy what’s left of our lives. The young think they will live for ever, as we grow older we know we aren’t immortal and have to face the fact that we only live once.

We learn to appreciate good art, good music and good people. As people grow older and wiser, their view of the world changes. They can appreciate the beauty of a single rose and can spend hours in the garden creating something of beauty; because beauty is important. Older people wander around the Victorian parks and appreciate the aesthetic beauty that has endured a century of change.

Learn, to become wiser

As we grow older we learn, we become wiser and it’s experience that make us wiser. If we can keep open minds and accept our errors and mistakes, we keep gaining knowledge from experience. If we keep questioning the world we live in, we find answers and we find yet more questions. We learn what is important to us and what is not. We search for the truth and the truth isn’t always to our liking.

Many of us try to pass our knowledge and experience on to the younger generations. They too must learn from experience, but we hope they will learn a little from our experiences as well as their own.

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