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Let me entertain you #life

I seem to be photographing more entertainers recently. The latest one was Ray Quinn, who is a former X-Factor star. There are many entertainers, but they don’t all get the ‘big break’ that talent shows can offer. Many entertainers just plod on week after week entertaining in pubs and clubs around the country. There is a tendency on the part of the public to celebrate the best and only the best.

I wonder if I’m doing the same thing, preferring to photograph famous people over the lesser known mere mortals that entertain in our pubs and clubs. I suppose I am guilty of that to a certain extent, but I have photographed lesser known entertainers more than the famous ones. I suppose the well-known ones do appear on television and entertain millions instead of just a pub full. Does that justify the huge amounts of money that are thrown at them?

It seems so unfair on the ones that work hard and get nowhere. Should television companies make an effort to promote more talent? It could spark another cultural revolution and attract international attention like the music industry did in the 1960’s.

There would seem to be some efforts being made to encourage creativity but it is never enough. The larger venues like theatres and music halls have disappeared in recent years. It’s OK singing in a pub or club, but the real money seems to come from playing a larger audience. Many theatres converted to cinemas and when they became unpopular they converted to bingo halls. In the town, where I live, there are purpose built bingo halls now and the cinema lies empty and virtually derelict. This is true of other towns that have venues that are in need of restoration. Is it worth it? Would people return to the theatre?

Many premises are multi-functional these days. Perhaps some of these local venues could be restored and re-opened to cater for a wider audience.They could not only be cinemas but music halls, theatre for pantomime and maybe function as recording studios and art galleries too?

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Here are a few more photos of entertainers that I’ve photographed in the past year or two. Click on one to bring up the carousel.

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