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Life after lockdown #health

Will life return to normal after this lockdown? Just reopening schools is taking a risk as children catch the virus or become carriers taking it home to their parents and grandparents. It would seem sensible to require older children in high schools to now wear masks and adhere to social distancing. It would help them understand the seriousness of the pandemic and encourage them to take precautions outside of school as well. Life after lockdown won’t be a return to normal as many hope.


We have become quite continental in recent years hugging each other and even kissing on both cheeks. I have seen older children hugging recently. Will that change now we have had a year of being less social? Some people still haven’t got the message and don’t really appreciate how serious covid is. We need to constantly reinforce the messages and encourage people to stay safe.


We now have numerous covid variants and some of them are more transmissible. Why they are more transmissible has not yet been explained. Maybe there is more shedding of the virus or it more easily invades our cells. Whatever the reason, it is more contagious and so we can expect the virus to spread more when we reopen schools. We need to protect staff in schools both teachers and auxiliary staff like dinner ladies. Certainly, it would be very risky to go too fast to reopen the economy. Schools should precede opening up non-essential shops and they could perhaps be opened gradually. Perhaps starting with personal care such as hairdressers and barbers. Pubs are not at all essential and should be low priority.

Life after lockdown

The government has put money before health in the past and we can now see, in retrospect, that the eat out –  to help out idea was a big mistake. We need to avoid such mistakes in the future and be far more cautious. Boris likes to be popular but in a pandemic, the Prime Minister will never be popular because he should be taking tough decisions and taking the very best of scientific advice. Life after lockdown will still need to be restricted.

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