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Life and money #finance #life

I have decided not to do any stock market dealing for a while and think more about making life better without spending lots of money. I still keep accounts though and a check on how much money is coming in and how much is going out! I’m pleased to say more comes in than goes out so I can consider other things in life. Life and money, which is more important? Of course, having a good life is more important.

life and money

Life and money

The old saying was to look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. In other words,  don’t overlook the little things. In life too those little things can be important. My priorities changed this week when a friend I haven’t seen for a few years said she would come to visit me. Friendships are important. We might know lots of people and individual friendships might get taken for granted. That is the beginning of the end as we tend to lose touch with people or just drift apart. Friendships might not be our most important relationships but like the pennies, we should look after them!

Mental health

More and more people seem to be having mental health problems and we all have days when we feel down or we feel stressed. That feeling of being down can easily develop into depression and when we feel stressed it can easily develop into clinical anxiety. We need to look after our mental health and recognise that continuous negativity can lead to depression and continuous stress can lead to clinical anxiety. We need to give ourselves a break every now and then and look after ourselves.


The more control we have over our lives the happier we seem to be. There are bullies that try to take control not just their own lives but the lives of others. We need control over our own lives, not the lives of others. Allow others to be free to live their lives, make their own mistakes and we should encourage them to be free to live how they want to live. Success can be very individual and it can also be collective. We must remember that to be part of a collective success we must cooperate and work with others. Working with others is always a matter of compromise, we will never agree on the best course but if we all go in the same general direction we get there eventually. In life, we must always compromise.

I named this website A Zillion Ideas and to have good ideas you need inspiration and so you need to be curious about everything. You also need time to think away from the distractions of everyday life. I know some people who just sit alone in their cars in some isolated spot admiring the scenery while they just think. I have lots of time alone and so I have lots of ideas. I might need a little more inspiration, though. Anyway, life and money; don’t obsess about the money!

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