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Life: Choosing the best we can do

Duck splashing in the water

We should always try to do our best. We only live once and we have a reputation to try to preserve. We can’t do our best all the time though, but we can try to highlight the best of what we do and show that off.

I went out yesterday taking photos the same as I usually do on a Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t having a good day and just wanted to relax and try out a lens I wasn’t familiar with. I took today’s photo of a duck splashing about in the water. It’s not a great photo, but it’s one I chose from the rest that I took yesterday. I’m highlighting this one because although I could probably do better, this was one of the best yesterday.

Whatever you are doing with you life, you won’t get it right all the time. When you do get it right, you could draw attention to what you’ve achieved in a fairly modest way.

It was Einstein who had that theory of relativity. We all make comparisons and judge thing relative to each other. There would be no tall people if it wasn’t for the short people and vice versa. There would be no good things if there wasn’t the bad things. We constantly compare one things relative to another. I couldn’t take good photos if there wasn’t lots of bad ones to compare them with.

Comparing our current achievements with our past achievements can be a way of judging whether we are making progress and improving. Are my photos better this year than last? I think so. Am I wiser and more experienced now I’m older than when I was a teenager. Yeah!

The punch line of a joke is often unexpected. We often hear a quite serious story and then we get a silly ending and it amuses us because it’s unexpected. We are making a comparison again, the sensible sounding story is compared to the silly ending and its relatively shocking. Even the cheeky comment can be funny for the same reason or even a inappropriate swear word.

We cannot only highlight and draw attention to our achievements, we can do it in such a way that it is unexpected. It is done in a way that expects a reaction from our audience. The audience can be our friends, neighbours or the people within our community that we seek to impress or at least get their attention.

We all want respect and so seeking attention should just be done in a way that doesn’t make us look silly. We would get attention walking down the street in a yellow clown suit, but do we really want people to laugh at us? However in a different setting that mode of dress might be appropriate and people might laugh with us.

If each day all you do is boring work or life is boring and people don’t even know you exist. That’s good, because imagine the attention you’ll get when you finally do something amazing?

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