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Life: Colourful or grey?

Narrowboat at Waterside Place, Walsall

I photographed some narrow-boats yesterday, they were very colourful. I talked to the owners and they were quite colourful too. They have chosen a slower, alternate way of life, travelling the canals and trading where they can to make a living.

Colour and Greyness

The colour of the narrow-boats contrasted with the greyness of the surrounding buildings. There were few bushes and trees all neatly spaced out. It wasn’t really a pleasure to photograph around there. You look at things and people when you’re taking photographs; looking for your next shot. I saw the way people walked and their attitude. Some were relaxed, walking with their children or their dog. It was a warm day, with a slight breeze. I saw one woman wearing a scarf, not a thick woolly one; a thin fashionable one. It would still be a bit warm, but she was obviously a dedicated follower of fashion. That was in Costa Coffee too, where all the in-crowd go to waste their money. I did notice there was a Starbucks close by so maybe they aren’t quite as ‘in’ as they think they are. These are the grey people; the sort of people that work on the council and think grey buildings are safe. These are quite safe people, not the type to live on a yellow narrow-boat.

Narrow grey streets

From there I tried to drive through the narrow grey streets of Walsall. No wonder so many people in Walsall take anti depressants. Many roads are blocked off and what’s left wind around a one way system that is confusing and stressful. It was stressful on a Sunday. What’s it like in the rush hour? They are trying to deter cars from going into the town centre, this is why they have bus lanes everywhere. I took a wrong turning and ended up on the Birmingham Road, where it’s  mass of signs intermingled with the grey. Somewhere amongst that mass of signs is a tiny sign saying 30. This is why this road caught out so many motorists ‘speeding’. After that tiny sign is a bus lane and lots of speed cameras. I’m surprised they made those yellow, that’s a bit colourful for the grey people…

Art gallery 186 (Copy)

Eventually, we left the greyness of Walsall behind and found this oasis of tranquillity. It’s amazing how much nicer trees and green stuff can make a place. Maybe they need a few more around the art gallery in Walsall. They certainly need less grey and that horrible grey building needs some urgent attention. I think it would take more than a coat of paint.

My usual psychology subject on a Monday has been replaced with posts about life. What do you think, is it an improvement? Please use the comments box to share your thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter.

There was a guy begging outside Poundland. I gave him a pound…

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