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Life: diversity

Do you remember Christmas when you were a kid? I still remember the things associated with Christmas. We had tangerines at Christmas, now it’s satumas. Whatever happened to tangerines? We had nativities at school and we learnt Christmas carols. Childhood is about learning, the knowledge we gain  is the foundation of our lives.


If you have a good foundation you grow up strong. As children we don’t just learn about Christmas, there is a diversity of subjects that we learn as we play and we go to school for a more formal education. The diversity is what makes the knowledge we gain so useful as we grow up and live our lives.

When we’re older we often begin to specialise in one subject. That might be studying it at university or it can be learning a trade. It’s still important to do other things and consolidate that foundation that began when we were children. We can continue to build on that diverse knowledge. Diversity is good, we have to be able to view the world we live in, from different perspectives.

Our view of the world can become very narrow and some people give up trying to learn very much that is challenging. Even if we give up on formal education, we still learn constantly. We have to be able to find our way around and cope as our environment changes. It’s a changing world and if you find it hard to cope with change, you can get stuck in the past as the technological revolution leaves you behind.

The internet as part of the technological revolution has given me access too far more knowledge. I don’t need to read newspapers, I can go straight to Reuters and cut out the middleman for international news. Forget the financial pages, I have stock market prices a couple of clicks away.

The world has become smaller as I talk on Skype to students thousands of miles away. Last week I spoke to two students, one in Hong Kong and one in mainland China. They don’t even need a computer now, they have Skype on their phones. When they do use a computer, they can send me photos or their latest assignment and ask my advice or opinion.

Social media is diverse too and allows us to keep in touch with people around the world, sharing jokes, photos and videos. LinkedIn keeps me informed about business matters and Facebook is an online playground. Twitter allows us to pass each other notes in class!

The diversity of it all makes life interesting. I enjoy all the technology. On Friday I was taking photos alongside professional photographers. These days, DSLR cameras are more affordable and the photographs are close to being as good as professional ones. Over the weekend I’ve been learning to use my new tablet computer. I can lie in bed listening to Mozart and upload my photos to Facebook at the same time.

Diversity makes life interesting. While the television offers a diverse range of programmes and multiple channels. It’s not as diverse as you might think; you’re just a viewer. It’s much more fun to be involved in creating something. I take photos, write and soon I’ll be into video too.

Children get bored easily, they need constant stimulation to grow their minds. Have you stopped growing? Maybe it’s time to turn the TV off and do something different? You could try lots of things, a variety they say is the spice of life. A diverse lifestyle might also be healthier and far less boring.

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