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Life is like a photography competition #life

Blogging is supposed to be about sharing your life with your readers. I made my blog more like a magazine writing about different subjects with an emphasis on photography. I’m also into social media like most bloggers because it helps us publicise our blogs and now I’m slowly getting involved in an arts festival. The festival will be all about photography and so suits me. This morning I entered another photography competition and I have plans to produce a postcard with an image of one of the more iconic places in the town where I live in.

Photography competition

That is the picture I entered into the competition. I obviously entered a good picture because I would like to win! That’s the nature of competitions, there are winners and losers and everyone wants to be a winner. I sometimes feel I am supposed to feel apologetic for being competitive. Life is competitive and only people who fear the embarrassment of losing think competition is bad.


Collaboration is good too and while my idea for a postcard means I will try to make my postcard the best I can do so it will compete with the trillions of other postcards out there, I see a need to collaborate. I need to be able to sell something like 1,000 postcards over a long period. In the short-term, I probably need to sell about 200 to get the printing costs to have another 1,000 printed and then I need to sell 200 of postcard number 2 to fund postcard number 3 and so on.


We have to look for opportunities and the art festival might give me an opportunity to sell postcards. I think there could be other opportunities next summer so I have to give people some idea of what I have planned and see if anyone else is interested in collaborating or helping in some way. I quite like to do a SWOT analysis on ideas like this. SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) is a useful way to analyse a project or company. I do have my critics who will find fault and undermine not only my confidence but the confidence of anyone who gets involved, that is the threat, but I feel quite confident I can produce high-quality postcards which will in a small way publicise the town.

Life is just like the photography competition, I also need some luck! There are those who say you make your own luck but that isn’t true. Today, I have a busy day planned but I’m actually staying in awaiting a delivery from Amazon. So what I actually get done today depends largely on luck. I might get the delivery early or I might have to wait in all day for it. There is always tomorrow if I end up waiting in all day!

That’s it for today. I think I’ll end with more picture postcard shots! If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links to the latest post on my Facebook page.

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