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1 Horse owners at the Frying Pan

I’m not too keen on mornings and Monday mornings can be even worse, but today we have sunshine and I’m quite pleased with how the weekend turned out. This is one of the photos that I took yesterday afternoon, I think they will like it.

Besides writing in the mornings and taking photographs, I also help students with their studies a little. I was doing that yesterday too, in between editing the photos!


I often send my photos to China for students there to see. I have already spoken to a student in China this morning and said good morning. It isn’t morning in China, it’s late afternoon. There is not only a 5,000 kilometre difference, a language difference, but also a seven hour time difference. Do you think this cross cultural exchange might make the world a safer place and prevent wars? I think it could.

One of the Chinese students is finishing her Master’s degree here in the Black Country at the University of Wolverhampton. She has a job interview today and hopes to get a little experience in the UK before returning to China.


If cross cultural exchange with other countries can help prevent conflict maybe I can build bridges in the community too? That was what yesterday’s photo shoot was about and the whole Black Country Festival is about more harmony in the community. I hope to be out with my camera on Friday when the Party in the Park three day event starts in Darlaston. I’ll try to photograph it on Saturday morning too. Then I hope to photograph the opening of Wednesbury Carnival at about 12 noon. It will be a busy day on Saturday.

I haven’t finished editing yesterday’s photos yet. The light wasn’t very good, there were black clouds and a grey sky. I had to make most of the photos lighter, because the light kept changing as the sun came out briefly once or twice. I had a problem with my new lens hood, it caused a vignette on some of the photos, that took time to remove. I’ll be busy today finishing that editing.

Local newspaper

I’ll send the best photos to the local newspaper and maybe they will be used in a spread again. My photos were used a couple of months ago of a horse owners meeting at the Fiery Holes. I’ll be using the photos for tomorrow’s post anyway and telling you more about the event that was in memory of Colin “Kingy” Salter, a popular local from Darlaston, who passed away a couple of years ago.

Anyway Monday morning isn’t so bad after such an interesting weekend! You can follow this website and receive emails every time I post a new article. Just fill in your email address in the box in the sidebar. You can also  follow me on Twitter for updates. There is also a Facebook badge on the home page, click that to see lots more photos on Facebook.

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