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Life: Making the most of it

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Many people struggle just to make a living. If you have time and money left over to enjoy life, then that is a bonus. We have to make the most of the life we have regardless of what luck gives us or life throws at us.

We are creatures of habit. There is no need to think about putting one foot in front of another when we walk, we do it without thinking. We just have to decide where we’re going. It’s the same with life, we have to decide where we’re going, which paths to take in life; if we want to succeed.

We even have to determine what success is for us. We’re all different and so success means different things to different people. Most people want money, love, security  and a quiet life. Some people want to feel important; they need control over others as a way of dealing with their own insecurities. Some people lead and others follow like sheep.

We all like to think we are doing something useful with our lives and not wasting life. After all, despite the James Bond title, we don’t actually live twice; we live only once and have to do our best with the one life. It’s not a rehearsal, we can’t redo things. Some things might fade from our memory and the memory of others, but we can never wipe the slate clean.

To the people of developing countries, survival is important, just getting enough food to eat and maybe a little entertainment at the end of the day. For 300 million children in the world, just getting enough food to eat today will be their primary goal. In wealthy western economies we can set longer term goals in life. We are so lucky compared to many people in third world countries. Not just because we have clean water,  secure shelter and enough food to eat. We also have entertainment at the flick of a switch.

I live in England and enjoy photographing quite beautiful scenes. I can enjoy the beauty of nature too. I can live reasonably peacefully, never seeing a gun or violence or death. My awareness of such things comes through the media; television, news and photographs. I think I should be aware of what is happening in the world so I can appreciate the real wealth that I have.

We are all curious, we like to explore. We all have ambition, no one regardless of what the press says, is idle. Yes, we often lack motivation, but that doesn’t make us idle. People often lose hope and sit and wait to die in poor countries. In rich countries they lose hope and sit in front of a television. They are waiting to die too, they just don’t realise it, as they waste their lives. We just respond to our environment most of the time. If we are thirsty, we try to get a drink, hungry we go for food, cold we look for warmth. When we feel hopeless and lack motivation, we wait to die. When we feel stressed, we sit alone and try to find peace. In western nations that peace is often sought from the intoxicating effects of drink or drugs. We dislike pain. We dislike discomfort. We will do anything to escape and be free.

We all are on a path through life. If you don’t like the path, then maybe you need to watch out for new paths; new opportunities. We all need to try to help each other find new opportunities too, so no one feels that life is hopeless. No one feels the sit to just sit and wait to die.

What do you think? Please use the comments box to share your thoughts on life or anything else you have on your mind. If you would like to share your thoughts on life or your ideas, you can perhaps write for a zillion ideas. It might help you find a different path through life. Guests post are always welcome  and you will be given encouragement to motivate you and help you improve your writing. You can also send pictures in. The address is in the sidebar. You can follow me on Twitter too.

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