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Life: We need so many things just to live

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I went to the art gallery on Sunday. Why? Well it was open for one thing. That’s important in people’s lives, opportunity. If people don’t have the opportunity to do things, then they might as well stay at home and watch some mind numbingly boring soap on Sunday afternoon. I usually go out and take photos on a Sunday afternoon, but last week it was cold and wet.

There weren’t many people in the art gallery, I only saw a few and so why isn’t it more popular with local people? Why aren’t the museums and other things open on a Sunday? Why was I there and not many other people? I did study art at school and so have an interest in  it. My education influenced my decision and helped me choose art over East Enders on a Sunday afternoon.

I read about a politician today who said poor people use food banks so they can afford their next tattoo. Schools don’t just educate, they give us attitude. She has attitude as a ex-grammar school girl. No doubt she was pushed and encouraged to do well by her parents and helped to get a scholarship to grammar school. I wasn’t pushed or helped; I still got the scholarship. Maybe I was lucky. Maybe I was lucky it rained on Sunday or I wouldn’t have gone to the art gallery. Luck does play a part in our lives, but so does opportunity. If the art gallery isn’t open you can’t use it.

Having goals and working hard can help you get what you want too. Sacrifice can also help you get what you want in life. We can’t have everything can we? Well, some some people can and more.  They get the luck, the help, the opportunities and find it quite easy to set goals and get what they want without any sacrifices. We normal people might have to give up something we like or enjoy to ensure a better future. I don’t go out so much any more and so I save and invest for the future. I gave up alcohol for a while so I could afford to buy a new camera.

Why do I think about the future and save and plan for the future, while other people just live for today? Perhaps they think the future isn’t worth saving for? Perhaps they have no hope, no dreams and can’t see their lives getting any better. I suppose hope and dreams are important too. They can motivate us to work harder, save and invest for the future.

Life isn’t easy is it? We need opportunities, education, hope and dreams, motivation, ambition and goals, encouragement and support just to live a normal life. If any of these things are missing from people’s lives they seem doomed to hopelessness.

I suppose it helps if you have shed loads of money too.

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