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Thrifty Thursday: lifestyle


Lifestyle can decide our health, wealth and most other things in life. If you want to lose weight, it’s no good eating a slimming meal once a week. You have to make low-calorie healthy eating a lifestyle choice that influences every meal and snack. If you want to save money, your lifestyle has to influence every financial purchase and decision.


Lifestyle is a matter of habit and if you’re in the habit of smoking cigarettes you know that is an unhealthy habit not to mention an unnecessarily expensive habit. A change in lifestyle and habit can make you healthier and wealthier. It isn’t easy to change habits they are after all, habitual!


I made some soup last week. I used too much chicken to make the stock and added far too many vegetables. I’ve done it before, it is a habit I have to change. I made this week’s soup and it is far more liquid and more like soup. It tastes good and there are far fewer calories. I can have my low-calorie soup before my lunch and it’ll fill be up and I’ll eat less. I don’t need to lose weight, I just need to stop my abdomen and waistline from getting any bigger.


There are all sorts of temptations, like that glass of wine at the end of a hard day or a quick pint on the way home. Changing that habit can be healthier and save money. Some habits, like taking the dog for a walk after dinner can be good for the dog and good for your health.  Impulse buying can be a difficult lifestyle habit to break. You notice everything and anything when you’re in the store and can’t pass a chocolate bar without buying it. That not only adds to your shopping bill, it adds to your waistline too.

Fashions and trends

Being a dedicated follower of fashion can be an expensive lifestyle choice. Not being aware enough of fashion can be an expensive choice too. You might buy something that is reduced because it’s going out of fashion and you buy it to save money and when you realise it’s last years fashion decide it wasn’t such a great bargain and only wear it once or twice. If we get into the habit of dressing up to go out and wearing clothes that are appropriate to what we intend to do that can sometimes be a frugal option. Choosing hard wearing options for working, including cleaning the house and doing the garden and timeless fashion for going out, might be a thrifty and frugal lifestyle choice.

Do you have any lifestyle choices I haven’t mentioned that save money, protect health or that are really good value? Please share your ideas in the comments box. If you would like to follow this blog and discover more ideas, just enter your email address in the box at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find ideas, art and music on my Facebook page.

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