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Light at the end of the tunnel? #life

This year hasn’t gone well for me and this week has been pretty awful but there is always light at the end of the tunnel if we squint our eyes and look for it! At least my investments haven’t lost more value this week and there are signs of recovery. The new board at Solo Oil seem to be much more business-like and so I’m hopeful I might make money there. I now own another 20% so I need that company to work a small miracle.

light at the end of the tunnel?


My health is my main concern and sometimes you just have to say, enough is enough. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and I intend to take up a lot of his time if he isn’t more helpful. If he can’t help, then perhaps he can help me see a specialist at the hospital. The last time I saw the consultant, he seemed more interested in going for lunch than listening to me. I suppose that is the problem, it is one of communication and I need to get their full attention! There might be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel on the health front but only a glimmer!

Light at the end of the tunnel?

I try to get involved in the community but I have been thinking this week that I might get a little less involved in some things. A meeting next week is about the art festival and as it’s focused on photography maybe I should focus on that! My health problems are making it difficult to make plans but as this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity I’m not giving up just yet. I hope to meet two of the photographers involved at the Tipton Canal Festival over the weekend when I should get some great pictures. My involvement in the art festival so far has motivated me to try to improve my photography to a high standard. The art cards I’m having printed could be a success, people are interested in buying them.


I tend to have a lot of ideas, hence the name of this website! Some bright ideas might really bring the light at the end of the tunnel into view! I’ve had poor health for a long time and had to take responsibility for my health. My doctor seems to think I should accept his opinion without question but I’m the one who suffers when he gets it wrong. I need to improve the way I communicate with him. As far as my interest in community affairs is concerned a hospital consultant once advised me to look after myself first and then think about others. That might be good advice to take at the moment.

Anyway, when life gets difficult and you have to face major problems alone, it is important to ask for help and support. It is easy sometimes to accept ill-health and endure it but at least I am seeking medical help and I will be phoning the hospital and asking for help next week if things don’t go well with the doctor tomorrow. Doing nothing is not an option!

When life isn’t being kind to us we must remember that there are many people in this world whose lives are really intolerable. We are lucky by comparison.

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I’ll end with a few pictures, see if you recognise anyone…

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