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Litter pick blues #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and once again I’ll ramble on and share my thoughts with you. This week, I’ve been trying to promote the photography competition being run as part of  Sandwell Pride of Place Project. We are expecting a lot of last-minute entries. People will wait for good light and then go out and shoot some pictures. Then you have to edit and choose the best one. I did a photo shoot myself yesterday. I was invited along to the Sons of Rest in Wednesbury where they are doing renovations and installing a security alarm. There was also a litter pick in Brunswick Park.

litter pick

Dodgy hip

I felt a bit guilty for not helping with the litter pick but I have a dodgy hip. Actually, I think they are both dodgy now. My walk around taking photos yesterday caused my right leg to become painful and when I got home my other leg had a problem because I had been putting all my weight on that one! Maybe they can inject the one with a steroid and fix the problem. I don’t really want surgery. I still won’t be able to do the litter pick but at least I can do the photo shoots more easily.


I have 200 pictures in a folder ready for printing for the retirement home but some old pictures won’t print very good. I’m going to take a few pictures of familiar places today and see if I can find a few places that haven’t changed much over the years. I have churches and pubs very much in mind.

Litter pick blues

The litter pick blues keep coming back to haunt me. They do a litter pick around the Tipton canal and one day when I was talking to the organiser I tried to get something from my pocket and dropped a shopping list. She had to pick it up for me! I do have a litter picker but on that occasion bending to pick up my own litter would have been a problem. I tend to get invited to the litter pick for the Mill pool too which is too far for me to walk now. I might go and take some photos of that one and show what good work they do.

Sunday lunch

I used to write my Sunday ramble as Sunday lunch was cooking. Now I write much earlier and I think Sunday lunch today will be something quite bland. I have a sensitive digestive system and nothing is going to spoil my afternoon out today. I’ll have something light and cook a filling dinner later. Health problems dominate my life but at least I won’t be spending my afternoon watching Eastenders!

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