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Litter, traffic and flying bricks

It’s Sunday morning and so once again, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I took some photos yesterday which made a change and blew a few cobwebs away. I photographed the litter pick and while I was there the build up of traffic for Ikea and the retail park. I used the photos on social media and there was the usual criticism about councillors only being interested in a photo-opportunity. That was why I didn’t ask them to pose for photos and took a couple of them hard at work. The social media armchair warriors never get off their backsides and do anything but are quick to criticise. My title today is litter, traffic and flying bricks. I also photographed the traffic headed for the retail park which I intend to monitor on weekends and photograph.

litter, traffic and flying bricks

Nick the incredible flying brick

I found some useful information about my family tree on a website run by Nick, who called himself Nick the incredible flying brick when he stood for parliament in the recent General Election. He stood for the Monster Raving Loony Party against Jeremy Corbyn. Can you imagine a conversation between those too? Jeremy, “I’m going to nationalise everything and give everyone free broadband.” Nick, “That’s nothing, I’m sending an electric rocket to Mars!”


Politically I’m fairly neutral and pragmatic. I dislike centralisation and so I’ve never been a great fan of the European Union but I recognise the benefits of European wide regulation of health and safety and drug safety. The European Court of Human rights was good too. However, I think Britain should have insisted on the implementation of the principle of subsidiarity as outlined in the Maastricht Treaty. I’m sure all those flag waving Brexiteers would agree with me if they had any clue what subsidiarity means. I’m the same about local government and believe that bodies like Sandwell Council and The West Midland Combined Authority should be subsidiaries of town councils; not the other way around.

Storm Ciara

BRITAIN will be battered by 90mph gale force winds today – sparking tornado warnings as the country’s biggest storm in seven years hits! That was the headline from that dodgy comic, the Sun newspaper. Is it a tornado? Is it a weather bomb? It is all these things according to the super-excited Sun. Here in the down to earth Black Country, it’s a bit windy. The Sun, the newspaper for knuckle-draggers who read the headlines and turn to the racing page.


I’ve talked to my friend in China this week and they have a real problem with that coronavirus. Of course, there are more people dying of heart attacks in China than from that coronavirus but the virus puts an added strain on health services and is disruptive as they try to stop the spread of the virus. There are some indications that the virus is weakened as it spreads which might be good news for us. Facemasks and protective equipment is in short supply around the world. It seems you have to know how to use face masks too and they might not be as effective as we might think. I think ordinary disposable surgical masks might be more effective than N95 masks because they can be easily changed often and disposed of as clinical waste. The way in which you wear the mask and take them off is important as well.

That’s all for this week. This was the most depressing week of the year for me so things should be better as the weather improves. I’m considering whether I can go out this afternoon and brave the storm. I should be alright as long as I watch out for incredible flying bricks.

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