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Live streaming with a DSLR. #photography

I have set my camera up for video capture this week and specifically to live stream the video for Zoom meetings. I have two DSLR cameras and both have a HDMI socket so I connected that to a video capture card plugged into the USB on my laptop and once set up it worked great.


Type C mini-HDMI Lead

Importantly you need a type-c mini HDMI lead. I ordered the mini-HDMI lead and that doesn’t fit. You can get one from Amazon. That’s £9.89 so not too expensive. The video capture device is also available from Amazon and costs £13.98. I also bought a shotgun microphone for better sound. I used my Nikon D750 for this setup but my Nikon D3200 also has a type C mini-HDMI socket.


You will need to switch to live view and flick the LV switch to movie. In movie settings, I set the frame size to 1080 and the rate to 60. In custom settings then movie settings I went to G4 and set the shutter button to movie. In custom menus go to C4 monitor off delay –  live view and set that to no limit. In the setup menu go to HDMI then advanced and set the live view on-screen display to off, so that information isn’t shown on-screen.


In the Zoom menus, I had the camera set to my webcam and so I had to set it to USB video. I then set my camera up on a tripod and tested it again. I think it will work well although when I look at my laptop screen to mute and unmute I won’t be looking into the camera so there is a bit of getting used to it to be done! I must remember to look at the camera when I’m speaking.


Today’s picture is of a squirrel that I shot in the garden yesterday. Notice the dark background. When you take a shot like this it helps to use centre-weighted metering to meter the light reflected from the squirrel and not the dark background. Centre-weighted metering is suitable for portraits and wildlife photography.

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