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Living on a pound a day

egg, chips and peas

I read about a Lord this week who tried to live on a pound a day for food. He tried to do it for five days. That isn’t too difficult if you’re healthy and can eat anything. It’s only five days.

Try doing it year in and year out mate! Even doing it for a fortnight wouldn’t be easy. I tried to work out a menu though…

This was my list of food to last 14 days:

2.5 Kg of frozen chips (Lidl) 1.36

2.5 Kg potatoes                      2.00

30 eggs                                     2.70

Frozen peas                             1.00

Mixed vegetables, frozen     1.00

Onions                                        .80

Frozen chicken   1Kg               1.65

Rice 1Kg                                      .40

stew pack                                 1.00

split peas 500g                           .58

12 Bovril cubes                          .92

There are lots of thing on my list to cook soups and stews with and I’ll get some protein from the chicken and eggs. I’ll also get a little protein from the peas. What’s missing? I have coeliac disease and can’t eat gluten, so no bread, biscuits or cakes. I don’t have dairy either, so no milk or cheese. It’s not so easy without bread, but I would manage.

I can cook eggs for breakfast. I am also a great fan of egg and chips and so I would cook that a few times over the 2 weeks. I can use the chicken to do chicken, chips and peas or do a chicken stew. The chicken is frozen (1.65) from Aldi and I would probably thaw it, remove the skin and fat from the chicken pieces and make stock with that. I could make a stew with the stock, some splits peas, onions, mixed veggies and a couple of Bovril cubes. It wouldn’t be quite so nice without herbs in it though.

Potatoes are in short supply now, but I could probably get those cheaper than £2.00. I paid £2.00 for baking potatoes last week. A baked potato without meat isn’t a very good meal, but add some frozen vegetables and it’s not too bad for lunch.

I could also cook egg fried rice with vegetables a few times. That would be a fairly well balanced meal.

I use about 1 Kg of frozen chips a week and so the frozen chips should last, even if I cook a few as a late night snack. I wonder how his Lordship managed for snacks? I also had change out of my £14. I only had 39p left, but that was enough for a packet of salt! I have done some of these meals and I did weigh the chips, 140 grams and 80 grams of peas with one egg made a meal and I wasn’t hungry afterwards…

On this regime, I would probably get hungry late at night, but I could have a mug of Bovril to help me sleep. I imagine I would need it or my tummy rumbling would keep me awake.

I hope I have given you a few ideas for cheap cooked meals. You would struggle to get your 5 a day, on a pound a day. Even with the cheapest vegetables, 5 a day comes to 40p. I suppose it’s possible, but I wouldn’t like to try it.

Do you have any cooked meal ideas? Please share your thoughts in the comments box.

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