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Local landscapes in focus #photography

You don’t have to travel miles to do landscape photography. There are local landscapes that can provide a good image that your friends will be able to relate to. I went a walk around Brunswick Park, here in Wednesbury, last week and looked for interesting shots. I tried to incorporate the features of the park into the shots as well as the grass and the trees. You can have too much green.

brunswick park - local landscapes

I chose late afternoon when the light is warmer for my little walk and in this shot I have included the park lodge which is a popular subject for photographers. The sun kept going behind a cloud and so I didn’t have quite as much light for this shot as I would have liked.

brunswick park (27)

I remember this clock from my childhood and have been meaning to photograph it for some time. There used to be a flower bed there that was a clock too. The park is shaded in the afternoon and do it isn’t the ideal place for photography.

brunswick park (38)

The bandstand makes this shot a little more interesting and the path gives the shot some depth. Some people in the shot would have made it even better but the park was very quiet that day.

brunswick park (40)

This is a much better shot and I was able to use a narrower aperture when the sun came out briefly. I’m nearly shooting into the sun here but I’m shaded by the trees.

brunswick park (42)

I used a narrower aperture for this shot and it has brought the gates into sharper focus and the brickwork of the house while the foreground is a little out of focus. Patterns make a shot much more interesting. I also caught an ambulance passing with its blue lights on.

brunswick park (59)

As I walked back to the car, the sun was shining through the trees. This type of shot can be spectacular but be careful not to shoot directly into the sun. The sun shining through the leaves close to sunset can be a good shot as the leaves are illuminated by the light rather than it being reflected light.

There are lots of local landscapes to choose from, try shooting street scenes and visit local nature reserves. Not only is your local park one of many local landscapes you can choose from; you can also choose railway stations, city scenes and here in the Black Country, canal and river scenes.

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