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Localisation versus globalisation #politics

Globalisation is all very well bringing us a myriad of mass-produced products at affordable prices but localisation can bring us personalised services, craftsmanship and fresh produce. Can’t we do more to promote localisation? Can’t we value local businesses and local markets more?



Our taxation system seems to favour the multinationals. Why can’t the tax system give local business a break? Small businesses have to pay business rates, income tax and deal with a complex VAT system. This adds to the cost of the goods and services they supply us, the public with. Can’t we have lower taxes on the local butcher and higher taxes on goods that come through the globalised market that brings us imported electronic goods and other mass-produced goods? A different approach could even be good for our creative industries encouraging the British music and filmmaking industries.

Big is not beautiful

Despite the European promises of subsidiarity, all we see is power centralised and taken away from the people, not brought closer to the people. I live in the sprawling conurbation of the Black Country where they want a mayor, not just for the Black Country, but Birmingham too. The experiment that gave us a police commissioner is a failure. Up in Stafford, the accident and emergency department has been closed down because of ‘lack of staff’. If there was true local control, would that have been allowed to happen? If Stafford was training its own medical and nursing staff instead of having to adhere to a culture set by the government that includes experiments in private finance initiatives and the sourcing of nursing staff from overseas, wouldn’t that A&E department have been protected?

Not in my backyard

The Nimbies do stop development with their ‘not in my backyard’ culture, but that only seems to apply in nice middle-class places. In working class areas, you find development is done with minimal consultation with local people. Everyone should be given a proper opportunity to have their say before major development takes place and green spaces in the Black Country should also be protected.


Localisation and subsidiarity should apply not only to politics but to business and environmental issues. Decisions about people’s lives should be taken by the people or close to the people.

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