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Lockdown photography #photography

I’ve been chronicling my lockdown ordeal in pictures. It not only gives me something to think about other than that virus, it will also give me a record of this historic time.  My lockdown photography tells a story in pictures and that for me is what photography is all about. My picture today is a collage of some of the pictures I’ve taken in the last 40 days. Yes, I’m on day 40 of my lockdown!

lockdown photography


I used PhotoScape to edit and label each picture and then combined them into a collage. The presentation of the images if important. Besides photographing flowers and wildlife, I have also photographed my meals and I even photographed a sunset from my bedroom window. I’ve become more aware of how things are changing in my garden and also taking advantage of events like the recent super-moon.

Wide aperture

I’ve been using my 28 – 300 lens and shooting almost exclusively with a wide aperture. Nearly all the images were shot wide-open. This gives me a shallow depth of field and in some cases like my photograph a hedge sparrow it give me a nice bokeh in the background. I’ve been shooting in varying light on aperture-priority. On the Nikon D750, you can alter the ISO with the rear dial which is simply rotated with the thumb until I get a shutter speed above 1/100 of a second. I’m tending to shoot faster because I’m zooming in for a lot of the shots. At 300mm, for example, I would want 1/300 of a second or even faster.

Lockdown photography

The story of my lockdown is in photographs that will in the future remind me of this time. I have put a label on each photograph and nearly all of them note the day on which the photograph was taken. They tell a sequential story.  Art is often about telling a story about a period in time. I hope my photographs tell a story that will bring back memories in the future of this time. It isn’t a particularly interesting or exciting time. The most excitement I’ve had was getting a delivery slot for the supermarket. However, it is a record of a part of my life at a historically important time.

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