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Look to the future #ramble


I photographed this little shop just before Christmas. It’s called Une Vie Nouvelle. Many small businesses are struggling to compete with the big multinationals and so a bit of free publicity is a big help.  They do French and country inspired interiors which are in vogue right now.

Social Media

I intend to photograph more small businesses in the new year and use my social media skills, such as they are, to publicise them and promote localisation.


I have other events in mind too, now a few local organisations are aware of what I do. I’m quite looking forward to photographing the cricket again this year. I have to rein in my enthusiasm and take my time more.  I’ll try the beer in the pavilion this time and see if that calms me down a bit! The rugby club has also mentioned their Presidents day so I’ll pay them a visit too.


I have other plans for 2016 and ambitions, we have to make life interesting. I have to make this blog more successful and even though I have readers around the world, I have to make it appeal more to local readers and the community I live in. I also have to make it more appealing to the search engines. I hate pandering to the demands of Google, but I need to be found more easily.


My photography seems to be getting quite good and I have most of the equipment I need now. Well, I need a bigger camera bag and a 35mm fixed lens would be useful. My photography wish list is never ending! Better equipment doesn’t always mean better photos, but with the right lens on and just the right light, I do have a better chance of that really brilliant shot.


I don’t want the stuff I do to stress me out. I need to relax and take it easy, so I’ll be taking in the country walks and doing some landscape photography this year too if it ever stops raining. I also run the History of Wednesbury Facebook page and so I’ll be doing more research into history in 2016. Then there is the new Facebook page I set up for my blog which I will be developing. You can now check out all the latest photos on my Facebook page.

Reflecting on the past

We can learn by reflecting on the past and the only way we progress is by learning from our mistakes. I’ll finish with some photos from the past that you might like to think about. The Black Country isn’t exactly pretty, but I find interesting things to point my camera at. You can become involved in my plans if you want to write, take photos or do something creative, just get in touch. You can also follow this blog by entering your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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