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Looking after number one #feelgoodFriday

I empathise a lot with people who are less fortunate or who are going through a hard time. I always try to be helpful. I have become more responsible for my own health over the past few years, however. It isn’t being selfish, it’s just being aware of the importance of diet and the effect the environment can have on my health. My healthcare is more important now. I don’t leave all the decisions to doctors, I weigh the evidence about what will be good for me. Am I just looking after number one? No, I try to care about others too but my health comes first.

looking after number one

Market Day

It’s market day in Wednesbury and so I might take a walk around the market later. I went around on Tuesday and bought fruit and vegetables. The fruit seems riper from the market and goes off quite quickly so I need some more fruit already. I fried leftover tomato yesterday to go with my bacon and eggs and realised I bought those tomatoes at Christmas. The fruit from the supermarket does last longer but it makes you wonder why? Is it something they spray with or a special alien species of tomato? I haven’t died and there seem to be no ill-effects so far.

Looking after number one

Despite looking after number one more I am trying to promote the small businesses in the town centre by photographing it and using the images on social media. I’ll try to photograph a few more small shops today. The official forecast is for 100,000 small businesses like the High Street shops to close down this year. They need all the help they can get.


I’m less concerned about money now and I’ve been putting my general well-being first instead. I’m really into photography and art so I’ve been concentrating on improving my skills. I still welcome some improvement in my finances and was pleased to see Lloyd’s Banking Group will be paying a good dividend soon. It won’t make a big difference to me but every little helps. I think the stock market falls have more or less ended now. Brexit can’t get worse!

The future

So my plan for the future is to look after myself, avoid stress and conflict and try to get the best medical care. I’ll phone the hospital today and ask about an appointment but if I have to wait then it is better just to accept that and not get stressed about it. Sometimes, the harder we try the worse things get because we get stressed.

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A few photos that I’ve taken in the past year. Art and photography are important to me…

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