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The July summer weather appears to be continuing today here in the heart of England. I have plans! I shall be out again this afternoon taking photos. It will give me a chance to be creative, try out my new camera, capture pictures of buildings before they disappear and get a little exercise too.

I’ve been thinking about my health a lot lately. It’s not only important to have a good diet and get some exercise, but mental health is important to. I intend to make a nice lunch today and a healthy one too. I have exercise planned for this afternoon, but writing these blog posts every morning is helping to keep my brain active and hopefully stop me going any more senile than I already am!

Our health is the most important thing in our lives. We all become sick at some time and we want to be treated with some kindness when we are. I’ve had some horrible experiences in doctor’s surgeries over the years. I think most people have come across a receptionist with a condescending attitude at some time or a doctor who really dislikes being in the profession. Is the problem training? Maybe it’s culture? Some hospitals do seem to have a good culture and friendly staff, while others seem to have staff that were trained along the lines of the Hitler youth movement. The ability to just be nice to people and able to communicate with people is very important in the 21st century. Many jobs are now disappearing as technology replaces people. Computers aren’t very good with people though. My sat nav is great at giving directions in a very calm voice, but isn’t a bit sympathetic when I get stuck in a horrendous traffic jam. We need people to tell us it will all be okay when they are wheeling us in for surgery. We need someone to hold our hand and be reassuring, computers can’t do that. Can we train people in ‘people skills’ for all walks of life? We need that ‘people skills’ culture in our doctors surgeries, hospitals and shops.

We also need drugs when we’re sick, but they can be very expensive. Some are so expensive that the NHS in the UK can’t afford them. The drug companies say it’s because they are so expensive to research. Is that true though? It seems they try to sucker anyone who will pay their extortionate prices and to hell with anyone who can’t afford their prices. If funds to buy drugs are unlimited then drugs companies will milk the NHS for every penny. We have individual trusts now and we need a central buying agency to negotiate with drug companies and be tough. Sell us the expensive cancer drugs at a price we can afford or we won’t buy anything from you not even bloody paracetamol. If the government can get tough on benefit claimants why can’t it get tough on companies that exploit everyone?

I think we would all be less stressed if we were all a lot nicer to one another. That is a matter of culture and requires leadership. In a doctor’s surgery, the culture might be led by the doctor. In a hospital by the chief executive of the trust and other senior staff. Who provides leadership for the whole country? Leadership in the UK at the moment is dividing the country and certainly doesn’t promote a sharing, caring attitude. We have a greed driven society; a winner takes all society. It is survival of the fittest and to hell with the sick and disabled. No one is going to hold your hand in times of trouble. This is a society for strivers and the successful and lame ducks go to the wall. Is this the kind of society we want to live in?

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