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Looking at products, good and bad #thrifty #frugal

There are a lot of products at Aldi that I would recommend and some I wouldn’t. The cycling special buys this week includes the clothing and importantly the cycle lighting but the one product I don’t like is the 2 in 1 bike trailer and stroller.  Please don’t put your child in one of those especially not around where I live in the Black Country. It would be far too dangerous. That might be a good product for use on the streets of Amsterdam but not Wolverhampton!

looking for products with value

Electrical Products

One of the special buys in the electrical products section on the Aldi website is a Remington hair trimmer.  I used one for years to trim my beard but I don’t think the battery powered ones are powerful enough for cutting hair. I now have the mains powered Wahl hair trimmer that I got on special offer at Superdrug.

Home and garden products

It is worth looking at the special buys at Aldi in the home and garden products. I like the retro look microwaves and the fridges look cool…

Cotton or stay like new

Cotton is the standard material for t-shirts because it is absorbent. I have bought some t-shirts from Tesco that have stay like new technology, which means they aren’t 100% cotton but they do look much better after they have been washed than the 100% cotton ones. In this hot weather who wants to do ironing and these don’t need ironing, not that I iron anyway!

Keeping cool

During this warm weather, we have to keep cool and the drinks at Aldi are much cheaper than the bigger supermarket but there isn’t such a big selection. The selection of ice cream and ice lollies is quite good and I can recommend the rocket lollies! They have a good selection of frozen veggies, chips and fries too.


I take a lot of photos and shoot video. I have been shooting video of the local streets with my dashcam and I want to store that video in an archive. I bought a cheap flash drive off eBay and it holds 1 Tb of pictures and video. Many people have said they are unreliable. They can’t be used for backup and they are a little bit slow but mine has been great so far. I have since bought a 128 Gb micro SD card that is rated at class 10 and that is virtually useless. It seems to read reasonably well but writes at about 200 kb/sec. No good for video! C’est la Vie, we win some and we lose some. I have saved hundreds of pounds buying from Hong Kong and China via eBay and Amazon so losing out on the odd dodgy product isn’t a great loss.


Amazon dominates online shopping but I don’t normally buy clothing from Amazon because the sizes are often way off unless you’re buying a famous brand. I buy Wrangler jeans from Amazon but not clothing from China. They have a huge selection of products and you can get amazing discounts on some products that are sold through Amazon or that are fulfilled by Amazon. I paid £60 for a couple of plastics banners with eyelets recently for a local charity. That was the price after I negotiated! The ones via Amazon aren’t so wide but at £15 each they would do the job at half the price!

That’s all for this week. If you know of a good product at a great price comment below or comment on my Facebook page. To subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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