Looking back #photography

The pandemic is far from over and so I haven’t taken many photos this year but I can look back on photos I’ve taken in previous years and learn a lot from them. Some photos are better than others and I can see the composition that worked and in some cases the composition that didn’t quite work. Sometimes text within the picture adds something to the image and it also tends to make the image look quite sharp.



This picture of a JCB has some text on the JCB but there is also texture especially the tread on the tyres. The shadow adds interest to the image as well. I was actually early for a meeting and took this shot as the JCB came past. This shot could have been taken with a wide aperture, blurring the background or a narrow aperture. I chose to shoot it wide because I had lots of light on a sunny day.

The Metro 2019

The Metro stop

I’ve taken a lot of pictures at the Metro stop. I think if you can include people in the pictures it makes them more interesting. I have even taken one picture at the Metro stop that includes one of the Metro staff wearing a mask. That is an image that will remind us of the pandemic in the future. As photographers we do record history in the making.


St George’s day parade

This was the last St George’s day parade that I photographed. I photograph the crowd but it can be very useful to set your aperture wide and zoom in on individual people. This even is quiet early in the year and so getting your exposure right can be difficult because you don’t have enough light. This picture was shot with a wide aperture on aperture priority so I managed to get a fast shutter speed eliminating any blur, except for the background, of course. I think the picture captures her mood, it was a very chilly morning and I don’t think she was enjoying it much! Looking back over past photography can be really useful to see what I did right and what I did wrong!

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