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Looking for an interesting feature #photography

I was out photographing our conservation zone again on Sunday. I was photographing the streets and buildings and of course, I have to photograph what’s there but I can also look for interesting features to make my images more interesting. interesting feature

Pink car

The pink car really brightens up this picture and I purposely included it in the picture. I do something similar when I take pictures of canals by including colourful narrowboats in what might be an otherwise boring picture.

Market PLace newest buidling

Modern Building

This picture of the conservation zone’s most modern building is broken up by a car as well. The silver car isn’t quite as dominant as the pink car but it adds something to the picture. It’s quite a busy image with lots of signage.


The lockup

This is some kind of lockup. We have various theories as to what it was used for. The most popular one is that it was a police lockup for locking up drunks in the Victorian era. That sounds plausible. I shot this with a wide aperture to try to get the detail in the brickwork quite sharp.

Midland wide

Interesting Feature

The interesting feature of this building is, of course, the unusual shutter. The building itself has peeling paint and the door has seen better days but the shutter contrasts to that and so stands out more. There is a certain beauty in the design of this shutter too. Most buildings have an interesting feature that can be photographed quite separately to the rest of the building. The interesting feature as we have seen doesn’t need to be part of the building to make for an interesting photograph, it can be a passing car or even a member of the public who just wanders into the shot. Brightly coloured things contrast more. Someone wearing a brightly coloured coat will make a prominently grey shot more interesting and make the shot. So look for that odd interesting feature and watch out for bright colours. It is worth noting that for some of these shots I went for a flat shot of the building with the focus point in the centre of the building and shot with a wide aperture. I shot the picture of the modern building and the pink car at f8.

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