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Looking for beauty in this ugly world #life

I think my interest in photography is about looking for beauty. Beauty can take many forms, even the old man sitting on the bench in  town square has a kind of beauty. The usual landscape photographs I take are appreciated for their beauty. Nature provides us with beauty but mankind makes it ugly. We simply don’t care enough about the world around us. We need to look for beauty in this ugly world because the ugliness is all around us and within us.

beauty in this ugly world

A ugly world

I often drive through council estates where people have given up. The roads have potholes and ugly speed humps. The buildings show a lack of maintenance and the people walking the streets look unkempt. They are places no one cares about.


Bullying, of which racism is a part, was really evident throughout society in 2019 and is a symptom of the ugliness of the society we live in. The bullying and racism is felt most on those ugly estates. The behaviour on many estates is tribal with the young warriors showing off by doing wheelies on push bikes before they graduate to racing old bangers with dropped suspension around the ugliest of streets. Hence all the six inch high speed humps…

Beauty in this ugly world

In politics you see the ugliness but they can escape to their luxury private islands for a break and have country homes. The Prime Minister escapes to Chequers or to a private island owned by some super-rich friend. Where do the ordinary people find beauty in this ugly world? They find a little beauty in our parks and nature reserves but even there they can’t escape the ugliness within themselves. The last time I walked around our local park I heard a roar behind me and it was the young warriors from the local council estate on scrambler bikes headed for the town centre despite a high court injunction against so-called ‘cruising’. That same afternoon someone was stabbed with a screwdriver in the park.

Looking for beauty

There is a certain beauty in kindness and an ugliness in aggression and bullying. We are all looking for that beauty, so we can find peace and relax and enjoy. Our parks and nature reserves need policing these days to ensure that beauty is not disturbed or destroyed.

Extinction Rebellion

The young people of Extinction Rebellion are realising that the beauty of the world is being destroyed by the greed that pretends to be progress. We need a change of direction and maybe electric bikes and scooters would be a beginning but where I live riding an electric bike would be a nightmare when the school run is in full swing. The young warriors of the council estates wouldn’t be able to do wheelies on electric bikes so they wouldn’t be ‘cool’. There are at least some young people who are looking for beauty in this ugly world.

I’ll keep looking for beauty in this ugly world but I just see it getting uglier.

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