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Looking for better value #ThriftyThursday

This pandemic has made being thrifty and frugal much more difficult. Shopping around is difficult now I  have my grocery shopping delivered by Asda. When shopping on the Asda site you can take advantage of the money-saving deals and stock up your freezer. I am concerned that we could have another lockdown and so I’m stocking on on essentials a little again. I have 2 packs of lager on next week’s shopping list. Which is cheaper to buy packs two packs of 18 Fosters lager or three packs of ten? I’ve forgotten, but a quick bit of mental arithmetic meant I chose the better value option. These decisions only save a pound or two but those savings mount up over a year.

better value


You pay your money for a service and you expect the service you are paying for. TalkTalk has been poor service for years but recently I complained and that made no difference so I started the process of switching to Plusnet. Talktalk ‘better value department’ called me and offered me ‘faster fibre’ for £19.95 a month and £100 in credit as compensation. You would think that when I accepted that  TalkTalk would get its act together and get that done for me. Oh no, the poor service continued and I had to complain again. My ‘faster fibre’ went live yesterday. The download speed was as promised but the upload speed isn’t quite as promised but good enough. I can upload my photos to my website and to Facebook without issues now. The question in my mind now is, have TalkTalk credited my £100 compensation or will that require another phone call to Kuala Lumpur?


Blogjet, the application that I’m writing this with cost me £41.16 and doesn’t work quite right. By comparison, I also bought Microsoft Office Professional for £19.99 which does work properly. I’m in favour of supporting smaller companies but Blogjet seemed expensive. It does work OK once I get the font size right and I only use it to write the draft. I’ll upload the draft and then I’ll edit and proof-read on the site itself using the WordPress interface. Some people write directly onto WordPress or worse they write on Blogger! They end up with an unprofessional looking blog and a typeface that is so small their reader struggles to read their posts. Anyway shop around for software, you can save quite a lot. I bought Office from someone that sounded Russian and downloaded it from Microsoft. It makes me wonder why Microsoft doesn’t cut its prices and sell direct.

Better value

Whether you’re buying a new t-shirt or you’re buying stocks and shares you should always look for better value. In the case of t-shirts, you want quality and a competitive price and in the case of buying shares you once again look for a quality company that is well established and you buy when their share price is low. I recently bought shares in Royal Dutch Shell (B) and paid a lower price because the oil price is depressed by the pandemic. Will RDSB rise and give me a return on my investment? I expect they will still make money from natural gas through this coming winter and they have been diversifying into renewables so once the oil price starts to rise I should have a good return in the form of dividends and a rising share price.


I’ll start buying Christmas gifts now and I’ll be buying them online so I need to allow time for deliveries. It will be difficult not to go out and do shopping but online shopping is quite good now. I’ll be using Amazon a lot over the next month! Again, I’ll be looking for better value and quality for a competitive price.

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