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It was another boring week watching the stock market. The FTSE 100 is still down at 6744.47, much lower than it’s high of 7122.74. I think it’s unlikely to recover until we have some good news from Europe and Greece in particular. Austerity seems to be stifling international trade.


Even in China, growth has been cut and exports have been replaced with production for the home market. There are signs that the Shanghai stock market was in a bubble and has now adjusted.

Premier Foods

Premier Foods have made a lot of progress with marketing and new lines, but still languish at 40p. The directors paid more than double that so I think they will be doing all they can to protect their investment. Brokers are now looking more positive at Premier Foods too. I have seen the price of PFD soar before, so I’m hopeful.

RSA Insurance

RSA Insurance looks like being the subject of a takeover by Zurich, but at what price? Zurich have said they won’t pay over the odds, but Steven Hester has indicted 600p a share is a fair price. RSA is 510 this morning. I think Zurich will offer more but not much more. I would say 540 or 550, but not the 600p that is asked for.

Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey is my best performer and looking like becoming a two-bagger for me. I bought at 100.38 and they are now at 199.00. They are also a nice little earner, not only paying dividends but special dividends too.

Verona Pharma

I’m fairly confident that Verona Pharma will become a two-bagger too. I bought at 3.00 but they have gone over 6.000 and dropped back recently. They were 4.4 yesterday and dropped back to 4.25 today. The company ahs a lot of potential.

Solo Oil

Solo Oil is fairly steady now at 0.41, but I think that is really explode when they start actually delivering gas and oil in Tanzania. If the oil price goes up that will be an excellent investment.

Graphene Nanochem

Graphene Nanochem is another one that seems under-priced. It’s another once that would suddenly explode with some good news about it’s advanced technology. We really need some of the research into new products to make a breakthrough. The use of graphene in batteries for example.


Monitise is making gains this morning and has hopefully hit bottom. I’m not sure at all about this high tech company. There is money in apps for smart phones, but I’m not at all sure about money transfer.

That’s it for this week, good luck with your investments. You can follow me on Twitter for updates orfollow the blog using the widget in the sidebar.

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