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Looking forward to the future #finance #investments

I had another good week of investing with my stock market assets gaining 2%. Immupharma saw further gains and today they will cost you £1 a share and a bargain at that. The company has huge potential and the fact that they are preparing to gain FDA approval for Lupuzor could mean they are considering manufacturing the drug themselves. The company also has the expertise gained from the development of Lupuzor to develop other drugs for other diseases associated with the immune system. The share price has doubled in the last few months. Looking forward,  if it doubles again before the new year, I wouldn’t be surprised.

looking forward

Looking forward

The past isn’t a reliable indicator of what the future holds. We have to make educated guesses regarding returns on investments and also consider our income when planning the future. I have been looking at my cash flow for the coming months and will assess it again once the expense of Christmas is out of the way.


While I like to get a return on my money, cash is always useful. I have some major purchases I want to make and so I save for them rather than borrow. I see paying the bank interest as a simple waste of money. I will, however, make the purchases with my credit card and take advantage of the added protection that affords and the interest-free period.


There are two theories regarding buying and selling shares. The first theory is you should sell the shares making a profit and take the profit and keep the ones losing money until they too make a profit. The second theory keeps the shares in the strong companies and sells off the weak ones that aren’t producing a return. Both these theories have merit. However, I sold many shares that gave me a decent return and kept the ones losing money. Many people are getting out of weaker companies and buying into the FTSE 100 and so I think the FTSE 100 is oversold compared to the FTSE 250 and the AIM. So if interest rates go up it could be the small caps in the FTSE 250 that have the potential. Looking forward, the FTSE 250 looks like the place to find bargains.

The pound

I also have to consider the value of the pound against other currencies. There has been a suggestion that the central banks should all raise interest rates together but it is likely the US will be the first and the ECB and Bank of England will follow sometime later.  Interest rate increases could change the value of the pound against other currencies. An appreciating pound will leave FTSE 100 share prices stagnating compared to the FTSE 250. The FTSE 100 companies depend on inflows of currency from overseas but there are exceptions and those companies are the one to invest in looking forward to next year.


The FTSE 250 shares include Premier Foods which is making some progress but needs better marketing. Carillion was my big investment mistake this year but with government support will make a comeback eventually.  The AA is in a similar boat, restructuring its business and will come good eventually. In the FTSE 100, Lloyds will get back to making a decent profit and paying decent dividends when it leaves behind its murky history. The same can be said of Tesco which is making progress now. ITV doesn’t rely too much on foreign income and is now making a bit of progress and is a good long-term investment. My AIM shares are a mixed bunch with Immupharma, Verona Pharma and Solo Oil looking like they could take off and soar to new heights at any time. Graphene Nanochem, by contrast, looks like it could go to the wall at any time. I think my risk assessments on these companies was just about right but we will have to see what happens.

We have to keep looking forward to the future and trying to second-guess the markets. If you would like to follow my blog and read more ideas just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links on my Facebook page.

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