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Looking for something different #photography

I was looking for something different on Sunday and decided to use my 55 – 300mm lens to give me more reach. I have an art project in mind but haven’t quite decided on what kind of shots I need. I’m getting closer to what I need, though. I need something quite different from my usual images and I want to zoom in with a 300mm lens.

looking for something different

Middle of the river

I shot this duck standing in the middle of the river in Sandwell Valley. It is a wide open shot and I zoomed in with the 300mm lens. It is quite sharp but it could have been even better if I could have got closer. It is something different, though.



This shot across the rooftops of Wednesbury was also taken with the 55 – 300 mm lens and I was able to zoom in on particular buildings too. I took several shots of this scene but this one has the most perspective with the buildings in the foreground, the block of flats in the middle ground and the churches in the distance.

SUNDAY (106)

Something different

With the reach of the 55 – 300 mm lens I was able to zoom in on a variety of things and this sign looks great with the sky as a bokeh background. It is something different and represents Wednesbury and so a useful image to have in my collection of stock images.

SUNDAY (120)

Something different

Zooming in on the approaching Metro tram was an attempt at something different too. I did get the rails in sharp focus and so it is an interesting image.


Sandwell Valley

I took this shot near the river in Sandwell Valley. It is one of my better shots from Sunday’s outing. I would like to go on a similar outing with a fast 18 – 300 mm lens which would be far more versatile but quite pricey as well.



Most of these shots are individual things, as opposed to broad landscapes. I can get my subject into sharp focus if I concentrate on one cyclist or one tram and zoom in with a 300mm lens. I think shooting wide open at one person, one cyclist or a solitary horse will give me the sharp images I want.These are things people will identify with as well. The tram and the sign are familiar things. I want something different for my art project and I’m now getting some idea how to achieve it. This is why I like photography, I like to experiment!

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