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Lost in the labyrinth of life #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so once again I allow you into the dark and mysterious labyrinth that is my mind and share my thoughts with you.  What’s on my mind this week? I’ve been getting embroiled in local politics a bit. Being a pragmatic sort of person who believes in going with the flow and the superiority of the natural laws, especially the one that says we should allow things to evolve naturally. I am ignoring a lot of the political posturing and looking for ideas that are just one step towards a goal that we all want. The problem is, identifying the goal. We can get lost in the labyrinth of life and find it hard to find our way. Time for a picture, I think…


Finding your own course

Rivers find their own course don’t they? They just take the easiest path but for us humans the easiest path isn’t always the best and it does tend to be a bit boring. When you’re lost in the middle of the forest, tribal instincts take over and we either try to lead and be the chief of the tribe or we tend to follow the leader believing that they will lead us to safety. Problems arise when more than one person wants to lead and suggests different ways to go. Then you get the sycophants sucking up and supporting some moron who doesn’t have a clue which way is north, east or west but thinks he knows best. Then you have the nerdy guy who everyone tends to bully who says nothing and just looks at his compass. I’m the one looking for tracks, any tracks… You have to find your own course in life.

Art – the great ice breaker

People will argue about art, they will argue about anything, but art is a sign of culture and sophistication and so it isn’t often the spark that starts an argument it is often the spark that will start a discussion. It can inspire a conversation that leads to friendship between like-minded people. Art is the great ice-breaker. That’s my interest in art, I want to give people something to talk about. What do you think of my ‘Bluebells in the Hedgerow’ picture? You can see the print on canvas in Wednesbury Art Gallery.

The labyrinth of life

Anyway, when you’re lost in the labyrinth with only scary demons for company you need to keep your grip on reality. You need to be aware of the absolute around you and not be afraid of the shadows. The dark forest might look scary but what is there to be scared of in reality? Not very much. We can often be scared just because we have grown up with tales of ghosts and ghoulish phantoms  and so we start imagining every bustle of dry leaves and shadow in the trees is some horrible threat to our safety. The mind plays tricks when we are scared and in unfamiliar territory. We look for safety and even the local moron can offer a shred of comfort if they say they know a way out of the labyrinth. This is how crazy politicians come to power, offering hope in the face of perceived but non-existent threats.

That’s it for this week. If you’re lost in the labyrinth of life I hope my words have comforted you, if not walk in the sunshine. That, although temporary, is real.

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Let’s have some more pictures…

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